5 Little Reminders Every Young Person Could Use Right Now

women's in white tank top walking on brown sand during day time
Roxanne Desgagnés / Unsplash

1. You can’t please everybody – unlike a box of pizza, you can’t just go out there showing your charm and acting cute. Everyone has their own perspective and different interpretation of things. Not everyone will like you, just like not everybody will despise you too. You have to understand that humans are made most intelligent because of their ability to judge and make decisions. If anyone decided to hate you, so be it. Never look at yourself from anyone else’s perspective, because you will always have a different version from different sets of eyes. Avoid acting smart but be really smart. Stop trying to please everybody, but strive to have a pleasing character. If the people around you appreciate you be thankful, if they don’t – so be it!

2. You will be sad and lonely and uncertain. Of course! Every human being has to. Otherwise, you’ll be a robot or a puppet without any emotions deep within. These are natural emotions but make sure you use them properly. Life is simple you see, but we make it quite complicated because of our emotions. Accept the fact that you have your own weaknesses, and overcome each and every bits of it. You have to understand however that, you will never be able to overcome anything until you truly recognize and accept it. So be brave, open your eyes, strengthen your heart and indulge in your ability to feel sad, lonely and uncertain.

3. You will like someone who won’t like you back – and this is all because you are vulnerable and unique. Every time you go through something like this, remind yourself over and over again – Anyone is allowed to like you, but you are not obliged to like them back. Just like you can like anyone, but they are also not obliged to like you back.

4. Not responding is also a response – you are allowed to remain silent, especially when things take toll on you. You can stay in a corner and contemplate, then get back to it when you feel like it. Not responding is also a meaningful message; it conveys deep words unspeakable by the lips. If you get a message like this, be thankful. Keep in mind that some things are better left untold.

5. Brand yourself well – this is applicable to anything, no matter which walk of life you’re coming from. The way you portray yourself in the outside matters! And this doesn’t address just the physical. Anybody can be pretty in the outside, but the way you will sell that pretty front matters most! Don’t get this wrong, you don’t have to doll up or beautify, but you have to show great personality from deep within. However you conceive yourself will always be reflected outside, so be careful. Be intelligent enough to bargain well and ask for what you deserve, and prove that by branding yourself as someone who is rather “the best” – of course, without comparing yourself to anyone. The moment you start asking for lesser that what you deserve, the outside world will conclude you are lesser than your worth. Start branding yourself without limits, and the start adjusting accordingly as needed.

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