One Day, She Will No Longer Care For You

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There will come a time when she forgets how you made her smile. She will walk away from everything that will remind her of you. She will find herself smiling at everything but you, and she will be happy not thinking about whether you’re also thinking about her.

She will then become genuinely happy. She will laugh so loud and not mind how people look at her. She will laugh hard and her happiness will be infectious. Her source of joy shall no longer be your presence, and she will remember how happy she was prior to meeting someone like you.

She will let go and free up some space in her heart. The space you once occupied will be emptied completely. The dreams where she had you in it will be part of a vague memory, a bittersweet one – then she will let go. Slowly, surely and gladly.

She will hope that you’d hold on to her, and she’d wish you’d realize her worth too; but then, In spite of her desire to have you in her life, she’d still firmly pull herself together and push you out of her life.

She will stop thinking about you. She will not stalk your social media accounts anymore. She won’t check whether you called or not. She won’t keep an eye on you any longer, and she will not mind any of your businesses anymore. Not that she doesn’t want to think about you, just that there are more pleasant things to think about rather than you. She spent a good amount of time thinking of you day and night, and received nothing in return – now, it’s time for her to stop.

She won’t miss you. Yes, you were once an apple in her eyes, and yes she wished one day you’d look her way too, But No – people change, and so did she. She will move on from the false hope you guided her into; though it pains her not to have you in her life, she, fortunately, won’t miss you. All this time, she’s been missing the signs because she focused on you. It’s about time she gains her strong self back – the one she truly missed while she busily chased after you.

She’ll wish you well – in life and love and everything you yearn for, she cared for you after all. Sadness may befall her heart as she wishes someone cares for you better than she will, but she will never do you wrong. She will wish only the best things for you since you were once part of a dream she can never have.

She will become stronger. Stronger than yesterday and stronger than when you first knew her. She will have the distinct strength to hold herself together as she walks a new path. Though She’s already strong, this time it’s different, because it’s more than just an emotional battle – she needs to be strong enough to accept that she cannot have everything she wants, and She needs to understand that no matter how hard she works, if it’s not meant to be – it will never be.

Then, she will stop caring about you. Her life will go on without slipping a single minute thinking of you. She will see you face to face, and she will meet your gaze by chance, but she will no longer care. Butterflies won’t fill her stomach anymore, and her heart will no longer skip a bit at the sight of you. All These have become things of her past.

She will still remember you, and everything she wishes you did for her. You may have been a temporary person in her life, but you’ve become a stepping stone for her to realize she is still capable of liking and loving someone. She will remember you, and still smile at how strong you had made her become.

And finally, She will meet someone better . . . someone who will look at her and make her feel she was right when she chose to let you go. He will then make her forget everything about you, and together they will create new sets of treasured memories. Then, you will probably regret losing her (or maybe you’d obviously won’t even realize anything), but in the end, you’d still shake her hand and will be happy for her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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