You Are A Work In Progress And He Wasn’t The One For You

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Believing in things like destiny and fate is alright, these entities are magical and fascinating, but you should also believe in making things happen. Don’t just let destiny take control, but rather make destiny work your way. Drive your wheel, become the commander of your own journey. Learn to have things in balance, chill and enjoy the ride.

You are a piece of art – mysterious, beautiful and meaningful. You are not meant to be touched, you are supposed to be seen and felt through the eyes and the heart. Your meaning is not revealed easily, because you are meant to be stared at for a period of time. Only those who appreciate and understand arts can give equal importance to you.

You are an artwork; you’re not supposed to beg for attention. You capture the heart, not just the naked eyes. Passersby will adore you in every way, with the beauty of your colors, your vibrant energy, and your mysterious presence. You are not supposed to ask for attention, because you will be noticed by simply staying still. You are a piece that is meant to be noticed, and anyone who notices you will have the urge to take you home. You are a beauty in every form because you are an exceptional form of art.

You are priceless, in every way and form. Your existence has a purpose – you are supposed to transmit beauty to every eye that is captivated by you. You are showcased in public, yet no one can afford to have you. You are a treasure, and your creator knows that you are!

You’re a work in progress and everybody seems to notice the many unlikeable things about you. That’s okay! You are being meticulously crafted to be perfectly imperfect but beautiful. You were once held by a painter who thought you are but a common piece, turns out this previous owner didn’t know you are quite a work in progress.

You are a woman, a piece of art, a legacy that’s being worked on. Your intuitions are legendary, and everything about you is magical. You are a piece of art that’s strikingly beautiful. But you’re not done yet because even though you appear as a finished product, the truth is you are not. You are an endless work that always needs re-do and polishing. The reason for that is because you are intended to be strong and stable enough to handle anything that comes your way.

A man once saw you but did not realize your worth although it might’ve hurt you – remember, he wasn’t the artist who was destined to be your protector. Real artists can feel the soul of the artwork. Just like how a real man can address vivid importance to a woman like you. He may have been a good man, but he wasn’t the right man for the job. The Job I refer to is the mission to appreciate, love, protect and help you grow.

Somebody out there is honing his skills to preserve your character, dignity, and beauty. To care for your honor and provide great importance to your presence. Somewhere out there is a true artist, a real man in search of a piece of art. Someone who is willing to protect you from all of the pain and strife.

Somewhere out there is a creature willing to invest every effort to turn you into an even better and incomparable piece of art. Be still, dear woman, become a picture of grace and beauty, so that the world may see just how great a piece of art you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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