Here’s Why The Girl Who Loves Herself More Is The Girl Who Can Love You Most 

Renata Tupynamba

She’s selfish in a very beautiful way.

No questioning it – this girl has went through something that turned her the way she is now. Something that broke her heart into million pieces and at some point pushed her hard to her limits.  She went through something that made her choose to love herself first.  She once loved to the extent of losing herself, and now here she is – standing tall, glaring with pride and confidently whole. The good thing is that, this once broken soul no longer seeks fixing.

She takes good care of herself. She heeds kind words and takes to heart powerful pieces of advice. She accepts love, openly gives back and nicely smiles when anyone cares to look her way.

She learned to not hold on things that hurt. She lets go of anything that cuts her hand for holding too tight. She listens to her heart well, and follows her own sets of desire.

She smiles genuinely now, and she’s outgoing too. She opened her door to possibilities, and closed her windows to interruptible misfortunes. She creates her own path, and follows her fate accordingly. She controls her own world, and she lets time take its time.

She is filled with clear motivations and pure desire to grow and live on, and her heart is full of gratitude and undying hope.

She knows how it’s like to be broken. She knows how it’s like to be sentenced to death – but can’t die. She went through excruciating and incurable pain, and amidst all – she got through it perfectly well.

The girl who was once drowning in tears is now swimming in her pool of laughter and genuine affection, and she’s up to not letting anyone go though it because of her. In other words, she won’t hurt you as much as she doesn’t want you to hurt her.

There could be various reasons why the girl who loves herself more is the girl who can love you most – but one thing is for real; she can offer you something she’s overflowing with.

LIFE? She lives it well

PAIN? She had enough

HOPE? In unmeasurable abundance

TIME? She’s in control

LOVE? in various forms.

Her life has been filled with beautiful mishaps and mischiefs. Her heart has been scarred yet healed. She fell but learned to stand back up. She lost herself once but found it again. She believes in herself more than ever, and she understands that she can never offer something she doesn’t have.

If you ever see her, wave your hand and smile with your eyes sweetly.

Remind each other that you can never share anything you lack. You can’t hit something you don’t see, and you can’t achieve something you don’t believe in. Above all, you can’t be afraid of something you don’t know, so take your chances and find out just how strong you can be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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