7 Realistic Things Every 20-Something Should Be Prepared For

Oskar Krawczyk


1. Life is about learning.

Learn to ease up when things aren’t aligning with your intuition. Learn to fight when you feel the need to. Learn to cry when things are too hard. Learn to give up when there’s no way out. Learn that nothing is permanent; learn that hopelessness and helplessness can come at one point. Learn that you can have wounds that will take forever to heal, and that everything will get better through time. You need to learn to be human. Learn to look ahead, but not too far-ahead.

2. Life won’t be gentle, and sometimes you shouldn’t be either.

Be tough in the outside, but calm on the inside. Life won’t treat you the way you wish it would, but you can always treat life so as not make everyone’s life miserable. Remember that you are part of something, play your role well and always give it your best. You only have one life, live it well so you won’t have any regrets.

3. Real life Princes and Princesses do not have their fairy-god-mothers.

And although Cinderella might have been so lucky, yours won’t be the same. Magic just doesn’t pop out of nowhere in the real world. Real Princes and Princesses have decent jobs, they have good people supporting them, they have a load of cash in their bank accounts, bunch of credit cards to use for instance, and most of all they have pride and kind heart. This life is no fairy-tale, and even if you so dream your life to turn out to be as good as one – you have to work for it, sweat and blood, courage and sacrifices. This is reality after all.

4. Positivity won’t take you anywhere; you have to couple it with work.

As harsh as it may sound, yes dear – positivity is good, but it is not enough. You need to set your mind to good things, focus on these, and then you hit the mark. You have to work my love! Work for your dreams. Work for your goals, and achieve them with a happy heart.

5. You have to accept what you cannot change.

That’s the main thing you should learn. Not being satisfied is a drug that could result to envy which can ruin the good person in you. While it is good to ‘want’ a lot of things, you have to know the difference of being motivated and being envious. You need to be happy for what others have accomplished, and that you should maintain a humble heart while working towards your own success. You shall not step on anyone because you’re jealous of what they have; you should be grateful for whatever you have up to this point in your life instead.

6. You don’t have to prove anything.

Really, you don’t have to. Don’t waste your energy trying to please or explain your standing to others. People will only listen to what they want to hear, they will only look at what they want to see. Yes, it is unfair that way, but you can’t change everyone. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone; you just have to do your own thing with no offense.  You have to free yourself of any pressure, because at the end of the day – IT IS YOUR LIFE. Go on your own pace, life is not a race, it is a marathon. All you have to do is be satisfied as you reach the finish line.

7. You can stop for a while but you have to keep going.

It is okay to feel tired; you’re only human. You can always ask for help too – but be very careful who you approach. Every person you meet and get acquainted with will either become a curse or a blessing. Be very intelligent on placing people in your life. Life is not supposed to be tiring; in fact it should be a fulfilling journey. Choose wisely, and be brave enough to get your bones sprained while you’re taking a full run, brave enough to look down from the top, brave enough to kneel down when you need to. Just know that life isn’t about optimistic, it’s about being realistic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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