Loving Yourself Is Not Selfish

 Tamara Bellis
Tamara Bellis

Self –love is never selfish, it is about being aware that loving oneself is also about loving others. It is offering an indirect love, in a way that you fulfill it within yourself first. The kind that is genuine, pure and true and is openly available for you. It is magical, since you created it for your own good, and for the advantage of those you wish to be its benefactors.

Self-love is about waking up every morning with a well-rested heart, wearing an elegant outfit and impressing yourself in front of the mirror. It is that ritual wherein you tirelessly whisper – “how could someone be so perfect?” (Perfect in God’s standards, of course!), followed by a smile and self-praise.

Self-love is that beautiful courage noticed by others as a form of inspiration. It’s that endless laughter at every silly and awkward thing. It is that utter thankfulness and bountiful gratitude to everything. It’s the positive outlook in every downfall; and the ray of hope in a once lonely path.

Self-love is not selfish; in fact it is enriched with uptight caring for others. It is a unique way of saying “hey, I would like to love myself first, so I can love you more.” It’s that sweet reminder that loving is not limited to partners, and that loving is the fruit of respecting oneself.

Love should be shared, yes, but nobody ever forbid love to be supplemented within oneself, in order for it to grow, and in order for it to be beautiful and nourishing — that it may not destroy anybody.

Self-love is about taking yourself to movies, alone and generously. With no other motivation but see a film, all that matter is that you’re out there doing the things you want to do. It is about looking and feeling good without expecting anybody to compliment you. It’s more like reminding yourself just how capable and wonderful you are.

Self-love is about buying yourself a new pair of sneakers on pay day; it’s about getting yourself that new outfit – just because you feel like buying it. Self –love is about letting everyone notice your strength, strengths of being able to generate happiness by yourself, and strength of enjoying your own company, and the strength of letting the world know that you don’t need a partner to buy the things you want.

Self-love is about trying new things, whether thrilling or not. It’s about stalking various celebrities you find charming, and inspiring. It is about every pretty and sparkly things out there, it is about reaching at hand every opportunity that cross your way.

Self-love is just being happy; happy with yourself, for yourself and for the happiness of others. It is about liking yourself without expecting other people to like you. It is an act of setting a standard for yourself, to be an inspiration to others, and to trigger happiness for others.

Self-love is about fulfilling the dreams you have for yourself, the goals you ought to achieve – that your beautiful personality may never go in vain nor perish. It is about building the self you lost when you once loved, it is about preparing yourself to be whole and undivided when the right kind of love makes its way to you.

In any case, being able to love yourself does not make you any better from others or weaker on that note. It simply distinguishes your choices, your virtues, your qualities and weaknesses. It is about letting other people know that, although you’re capable of being on your own, you are also a soul that welcomes company. One that does not beg for it, but is rather hungry to share all the great qualities you were gifted with.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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