Here’s What It’s Like To Love A Woman Who Chose To Be Strong

She loves her space, and I hope you respect that. She has been surrounded by her own walls all this time, before you even came – so I hope you respect it when she clearly shows and asks for her own space. While it is true that the verdict is now between you TWO, you have to understand that prior to opening her heart to you; she was safely sheltered in her own fortress.

The fear of getting hurt is naturally flowing through her vein. Because for her, waking up with someone who suddenly does not know her anymore, or not recognizing her as part of their world is one of the most terrifying experiences. You have to make her feel that none of those will ever happen. You have to let her know that your main role now is to bring back all her shattered pieces together.

She’s not broken, she’s just bent — and I hope you know that. Breaking is for the weak, and she is not in any case ‘WEAK’.

She was just a victim of excessive loving and trusting, and although these qualities are not bad, she endured too much after giving these to someone. She has acquired deep and scarring wounds from these, and now she’s taking her time to heal.

Know that you are not a ‘rebound’. She may be acting out of caution around you because she’s trying to protect herself. Always remember that the past will always play a role in her existence, and for the most part, it has taught her a vital lesson. She may be testing the water now, but please be patient and tireless in making her feel that there is no need to test the water any further.

Her life has been completed all by herself, and through the people who genuinely showed her that LOVE is everywhere. You have to understand that YOU are not her priority. It may sound selfish but please let her see your own worth. Don’t judge her, because letting YOU see her the way she is now is already hard enough.

She’s too strong for her own kind, because all this time she had no other option but to become strong.

Please don’t be intimidated, because her strength symbolizes her courage and determination. She was able to stand on her own through that strength, and yet she still allowed you to shake up her world. That my friend, took a lot of courage on her part, so I hope you find the will to be consistently honest and supportive to her.

Becoming part of someone who has been caved in her own refuge for so long is very difficult. Not only are the people different from the rest, but so are the circumstances. They say, it takes a powerful man to move a mountain – In return I say; it takes an extraordinary truthful human being to move a woman’s heart.

She may be surrounded by thorns, bricks and walls now; but, please stay just until she lets her armor down. These are all what she had all this time and these were all that protected her from all the pain. Love these things that surround her, and you will see just how fragile and beautiful that woman hiding from all the scars of the past. Just give her enough time to open up to you . . . enough time to absorb all the love you are bound to offer.

Life has wounded that precious thing right in front of you — that woman was once capable of giving all she had for one person. She was once selfless. She loved too much and yet ended up shattered and wrecked. Just think about it, she was able to do it all for the wrong person . . . it is very possible that she will do it again. This time for the right one!

Please stay, for she deserves someone who will prove her that her scars make her much more attractive. Stay for the very reason that you want to stay with her. Stay to let her know that it is now your job to love and look after her. That she can now let her guard down, because YOU’RE HERE NOW. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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