Here’s What It’s Like To Believe In Yourself 

 Aral Tasher
Aral Tasher

There is something truly amazing about believing in yourself; something so deep, so meaningful, magical and inexplicable. Believing is the virtue of holding on to one’s capacity to endure and wait . . . and expect even if everything seems grainy, vague and unsure.

Believing in yourself is like crossing a busy road. It’s like taking caution while taking the risk, all together in a full pack of determination. It is like loading your heart with all the purest intention and inspiration you can pick along the way.

Believing in yourself is being aware that although the road is dark and unclear, there is still a tiny little ray of light that will brighten the path.

It is about training yourself to be able to see in the dark, it’s like allowing yourself to get lost and be found. Believing in your own abilities is taking the power to spin the wheel and change destiny itself.

It may seem hard to believe in YOU, but that’s a common belief since not everyone has the courage to do so. Believing in you is the act of trusting others. . . trusting them not to discourage you, trusting them to support you, trusting them to trust you. Although it may seem like you’re relying on their justification, trust me it is not – Trusting others means believing in yourself. . . it means believing in your own way of making things work for the better.

Believing in yourself is about taking the train unknowingly. Not sure about the final destination, yet enjoying the ride throughout the whole time. It’s about learning as you journey, and achieving even greater experience as you go along.

Believing in yourself is bravery. It is knowing that even if nobody else looks up to you, you’d still go ahead and pursue your virtues. It is about linking reality and your dreams; it is about looking at yourself in the morning every morning, whispering a simple reminder of how wonderful you are.

It is about you, telling yourself to trust your actions since you can never please everyone. It is about you believing in YOU first and foremost.

Believing in yourself is liking your SELF, it is loving your SELF, it is trusting your SELF, it is knowing your SELF, it is appreciating your SELF, and most importantly it is being your SELF.

Come to think of it. . . If you don’t believe in YOU, who else will? Believing is committing. It is trusting completely without any trace of doubt, and it is leaving everything in your own judgement. It is having faith your own ability, and it is gathering all that strength you kept hidden since day 1.

This is not an act of selfishness, or self-praise, or what not. It is NOT an act of patronizing your beliefs, It is not even a promotional message of not depending on others; it is rather a motivational move of changing your ways for the better, for a healthier change we all yearn and crave for – because in order to see the ‘change’ we all seek, we must become the change that we are praying for. CHANGE has to begin within you.

Remember that the smallest institution of life is YOU — as a whole entity, YOU as a SINGLE human being, and YOU as a unique and beautiful creature. It is but proper to believe and improve YOU first, before turning to others.

Believing in yourself is about opening to possibilities and accepting failures. It is about you, growing from a dreadful caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, it is about you being a bee — spreading sweetness from one blooming flower to another, it is about YOU– promoting self-consciousness and awareness in the world. It is about you, not listening to negative criticisms, rather absorbing all the bad comments and using each painful experience . . . piling it all up, to be utilized as a stepping stone for improvement.

Believe in YOURSELF, so others can also believe in YOU. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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