To The Girl Who Feels Unloved Because She Was Once Broken


Not because you were once broken means you are incapable of loving and being loved. No, you are very deserving and very clever. Meeting a wrong person was not your fault, but allowing that wrong person to destroy you over repeatedly will be your greatest mistake. So, don’t allow it. Get up now, dust yourself off and put your game face on.

You may have been broken, and you must’ve felt that way. Reality is that, you’re not — not at all. Maybe scratched, bent and wounded, but never broken. You were hurt, but you will heal.

You were stepped on, but you can still get back up. Remember, you are loved, you will be loved . . . and you can love again. Don’t give up.

My dear beautiful one, it’s okay, he didn’t realize your worth and he chose someone closer over someone better. It’s okay that you got hurt, at least now you are aware that you are capable of going through such pain. It’s okay that you lost your courage; it’s not your fault that the situation demanded you to be hard-hearted. It’s okay for you to cry, you are given that capability to use it from time to time. It’s okay to hate – but hate what he did, not him, remember, you once loved him. You once shared your dreams with him. It’s okay to let go now.

Please let go now and let not your hands acquire more wound from holding too tight. Loosen the grip now dear heart, and hang on to yourself. You can let go of the shattered promises now, of the unfulfilled dreams and of the unworthy man.

Let go now, let yourself go. This is not about him, or of the failed relationship — more than anything else, this is all about you.

The situation was beyond your control, and so it is fair enough to not take all the consequences of the failure. Let go, release your burden, and feel your load lighten. Let your heart feel at ease by releasing ‘what was’, and living in ‘what is’. Care to move forward and don’t punish yourself any longer.

Move forward dear heart; let yourself in into the light and away from the dark. Let love find you again and forgive yourself for staying sad for quite some time. Take a little step away from the pain and soak in to the beauty of having a chance to start over. Recognize that everyone deserves a second chance, but second chances are not always granted to the same people. This is your second chance, use it wisely. You were wounded once, but you’re still breathing, be thankful for that.

I heard this a lot, “Those that can’t kill you will only make you stronger”- and so I say, those that once break you will eventually help you grow. You are liken to a plant, capable of re-growing when cut, so as long as the roots are intact. Stay rooted; keep your feet to the ground, your body is naturally very beautiful, it has natural ways to cope. And your heart is no exception; you may have been emotionally wrecked, but now you know that you can handle such turbulence.

You’re so strong, and you are exquisitely made like that for a reason. Many will try to hurt you, but you see – you can handle it, and you won’t die from it. Eventually, your pain will become your strength, and your struggles will become your source of wisdom. Keep going, and wear your infectious smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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