This Is My Love Letter To You

 Mark Bosky
Mark Bosky

I have been staring at your freckled face every morning. I can see myself in your eyes. I’ve seen those pair of glowing light go from all sparkly to dull. I’ve seen you laughing till your stomach hurts, and I’ve seen you cry your heart out.

I was there when you thought nobody wants you. I was there when everyone adored you. I was actually the first one who recognized the qualities you conceal. I was the first one who praised you.

I am your first supporter. Before anyone else ever knew how your’re coping, I’m already there… waiting for you to finally acknowledge me. I was your silent comforter, the tiny little voice who reminded you of the positive things when everything else negate your view.

I shared your woes. I carried the same burden you did. I smiled when you did. I sulked when you were heavily laden.

That one time someone hurt you, I was the one who suffered on your behalf. That one time you liked that boy who held you too close, I felt your heart beating too fast. That one time you prayed for that boy to finally notice you, I bent my knees with you. That one time you went through everything… I never left your side.

You may not remember, but when you were struggling, I was the one telling you to hold your head up high. I told you to keep going when you stumbled. I was the one who held your hand when you were at the edge of giving up. I was the one who reminded you that you are strong!

There are one, too many things I want you to know. One of those is that – I love you very much. Even when you think you’re gaining too much weight, even when you think you’re so lacking, even when you think you are unloved, even when you think you’re not beautiful, and even when you think I already left you… dear,I still love you, I shall and always will.

All this time, through the odds and the unknown… I am with you.

No matter what the world throws at you, please remember me… please keep going and be tough so as not to lose me. Please stay still, and keep fighting. Remember to always be kind to yourself, because when you’re hurting, honey…I am too.

When the mountains crumble, and the rains pour heavily, please let not your courage to diminish. Please fill your cup with hope, and keep in mind that no matter how strong the typhoon may become, rainbows can still appear over the horizon. Always look beyond. Reach far, aim high. Always look from left to right before crossing the road.

Dear, even if that person you like won’t look at you back with the same adoration… even if you get hurt multiple times… please do not give up. Please remember to dance when you feel like it, and sing when the tune is good. Do not try to be perfect, do not try to handle everything by yourself.

No matter what happens, please always choose to be good, always choose the way of life and love. When you feel tired, you can rest… you can always be human.

I will not tell you that things will be easier along the way, because it won’t. I won’t tell you that you will never get hurt again, because you will. This is for sure though; Throughout life, when you go through it all…may it be rough or smooth, high or low… I will always be with you.

I will fight your battle. I will rejoice with you when you’re happy. I will succeed with you. I will be strong for you. I will genuinely love and care for you. I will never let life take away the beautiful living thing within you. I will never let you give up on me, I will never let you lose me…

Just know that when you fall, I will be there to catch you. When your pride is stepped on, I will defend you. I will protect you…

I will never let you lose yourself, I will never let you give up on me.

Because I am YOU.

Dear Self,
I love you.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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