This Is Why The Feelings Never Left (And Never Will)

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They say that timing is everything. It brings people together at certain places in their lives, but it can also be the reason to tear the two apart. One thing that timing doesn’t have a monopoly on is connection. Connections with people can happen quicker than expected. You meet someone new and within a month, a week, or even just an instant you know that it’s real. They make you feel giddy and nervous, but also extremely comfortable at the same time. You’re able to talk about real things but also joke around about the most ridiculous stuff. The arguments you have turn into laughter. You pick up on their little mannerisms. You know how they’re feeling just by the inflection in their voice when they speak. You let them talk on and on about something just because you enjoy hearing the conviction in their voice.  Sometimes you can’t even explain it — it’s just a feeling you have. And it truly doesn’t matter how much time you’ve spent with the person. There is no timeline on these bonds.

Even when timing ends up getting in the way and things end, that connection will always be there. The love you had for that person doesn’t go away. Sure, you may have new experiences with new people but it doesn’t take away from what you had with this person. These relationships have a way of persisting… of bringing you two back together at different points in life. The instant you talk on the phone, you still recognize the inflection in their voice. Their voice still manages to put a huge smile on your face and bring you immense comfort. The instant you see each other in person, it’s like nothing has changed. You’re able to pick back up where you left off, continuing the deep conversations and the silly jokes. These connections are too strong to be broken.

No matter what happens and what direction you go in life, remember these relationships. Remember the moments you spent together laughing until you cried. Remember the not-so-good moments, too, because that is also proof of how real it was.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how quickly the relationship started or ended. Trust how you felt, believe in the beautiful shared moments together, and let it give you hope. It may have ended, but nothing will break that bond. You two will always be special to each other and while much else may change, that will not. TC mark


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