How To Stop Taking Everything So Personally

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I’ve come to this sound realization that will save you worry, heartache, and wasted time: You will not be compatible with everyone, and that is okay.

I can’t tell you how reassuring it feels to finally accept that. This goes for friendships and romantic relationships, and any kind of relationship really.

Take a moment to think about your best friends. The people in your life who make you laugh so hard that your belly hurts and you can barely breathe. The people who you can hold a conversation with for hours and, afterward, can’t even remember exactly what you talked about. These are your people. You are compatible with them. You share an energy. You feed off of each other. You get each other. This is special. And you can’t expect to have that with everyone, because you won’t. And that is okay.

Not everyone will share your energy. We are all different. We all vibe with different people. Remember this when you are looking for a significant other. Remember this when you are confused why he isn’t texting you back. If you don’t, you will take it personally. And that is the last thing you should do. Don’t ask if there is something wrong with you. Because there isn’t. Maybe you aren’t meant to be with him. Maybe you two aren’t on the same wavelength. And, again, that’s okay. Remember that you have an energy about you, and the person that you should be with is someone who will match that energy. They will make you laugh uncontrollably. They will make your heart flutter. They will make you feel valued. They will reciprocate your witty banter. They will get you and you will get them.

Remember this when you are craving attention from someone. Is this someone who shares your energy? You’ll know if they do or not. Because you’ll know if they make you feel safe. If they validate you and what you have to offer. They will see you, and understand you.

Everyone has their own energy and everyone vibes with certain types of people. When you really think about it and accept it, it’s no longer a personal matter. It’s beautiful. TC mark

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