5 Brutal Truths About Things In Your Life That Are Totally Holding You Back

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that, fear has no power and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free!” — Jim Morrison
Twenty20 / Bboyardy
Twenty20 / Bboyardy

We members of generation-Y are born with silver spoons in our mouths watching our previous generation during their rat race of gaining more money or simply kept wasting their paycheck on buying dreams at the lottery. Watching their failure to find freedom within fortune, lead to inventing our own dream of escaping unpleasant reality. Our generation is one who understands money can’t buy happiness but will only make life a bit easier. We are unfamiliar with true poverty and money already bought us the easiest life possible to purchase.

Though we are still humans with longings and we love to dream. We may feel somewhat trapped within society, when we are actually locked up within the prison of our own minds. That is why Wanderlust became the noveau-rich of our generation, on the human quest to break free. But before you quit your rent and pack your bags to shout-out ‘adieu’ to your loved ones from the airport, let me tell you this: Freedom can only be found within yourself and although traveling might contribute, true freedom lies actually just around the block from your comfort zone. Counting on external elements is what is holding you back to eventually experience this ultimate price of a lifetime. Complete Freedom is the only privilege we are not born into, because our fear is withholding it from us.

1. Guarantees / Control

Life is not purchased with a return policy, you cannot bring a lover back to wall-mart when he didn’t meet your expectations. The right to live came with its duty to play an unpredictable game without set rules. You didn’t get a receipt with your college degree and a life insurance policy is not going to prevent you from getting hit by a car. All you have is here and now and try to make the best of it. Don’t rely on promises people will not keep, because nobody owes you anything. Be happy when they contribute instead of holding grudges for not meeting your needs. Life doesn’t have a customer service and there is no complaint form to fill out. You may try to control every aspect of your life being covered with a bulletproof plan to hush your fears, but life doesn’t give a shit about your plans. Stop creating a long-term business plan on your life, it’s only appreciated by governments and insurance companies. If you can manage to build a life based on an uncertain foundation, your life will become flexible enough to bend along with every passing Tornado.

2. Money

Being broke I discovered passions and talents and I didn’t know I had. It boozed my creativity and forced my thoughts to step as cliché as it sounds ‘out of the box”. Money is often used to buy emergency exists to not deal with painful confrontations with oneself. Going on another holiday is nice and distracting. But you will come home eventually and the problem didn’t vanish, it just hide for a while at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Unless you like to end up sprinting a marathon within a vicious cycle for the rest of your life, stop purchasing discomfort away for a limited amount of time. It is withholding you from personal growth and keeping the fear of fear intact. If you can survive without having cash flowing around, the whole economic system can fall apart and you’ll be prepared by coming up with creative solutions and even though pleasure may enlighten your pain for an amount of time, the ability to make your spirit shine even within the darkest of days comes without a price tag!

3. Love / Recognition

Being single for more or less four years, taught me over the years how to compliment myself in the mirror instead of stuffing up on love as if it were a dish. Because Love is no super food with all the right proteins to grow the muscles of your self-esteem. Your dependency on this misconceiving idea of love is making you compromise on dating cunts you can’t stand but need in order to fight your fears away. Being without a significant other will teach you how to become your own and once you know you will not starve without a loved one, you are ready appreciate this privilege as if it were fine dining the moment it comes along.

4. A Social Life

It were the loneliest moments when I learned to reconnect with myself and without other people bugging in I could change my life around for it to move forward. It were the lonely moments when I discovered what my own path in life was instead of just following everyone else. It was at those times I learned how to laugh with myself and realized people come and people go. I learned how to be selective with who I allow to enter my life because even at the loneliest hour of day, I learned how to entertain myself. It taught me how freaking awesome I actually am and I am happy to be me. Don’t be scared of being alone, it will teach you how to entertain yourself and don’t worry about people thinking you are nuts when you are laughing with yourself on the streets. They just envy the glorious relationship you have with you.

5. Beauty And Youth

Don’t let your looks distract your intellect. It feels good to be admired, flirting can lighten up our days but we are only getting less attractive each year passing so stop fighting the fear of getting older and less hot. Looks should be like art, enjoy when it is there. But never be blind sighted to see the pure beauty in imperfection. So try to not wear your 20 shades of grey on your eyelids for a change and experience people can be still interested in you as a human being. Your looks can help you ahead, but also hold you back by under developing other skills you own. It is for a reason less-attractive people are funnier. Humor lasts a lifetime, can enlighten even the darkest period of time and is unlike the skin on your forehead, extremely flexible to stretch as far as you need it. So rip of the mask of beauty and reveal the ugly truth about how you are so much more than what you look like!

Every gain inch of independency will conquer land away from fear. Learn to stop depending on the list written above and every level you will successfully become independent at, doubles up your freedom coins. The experiences you gain from not having it all will reward you with the ultimate freedom in life to gain! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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