10 Reasons Why The A&W Employee Who Told Us To ‘Watch Our Weight’ Sucks

“Tell those girls to eat a salad after they eat these fries because they’ll go straight to their hips,” said an ignorant A&W employee loudly as he handed a medium sweet potato fries to the cashier from the back. The cashier then handed them to “those girls” with a look of horror on his face; he had recognized the vulgarity of his co-worker’s words but said nothing. Those girls were me and my two friends — all of which are 16. Yes, 16-years-old and experiencing blatant sexism and objectification over sweet potato fries. Luckily, the jokes on you Mr. Ignorant Cook, because poking fun at the physical appearance of another soul doesn’t make you cool, it just proves you suck. But that’s not the only reason why, here are 10 more reason you suck:

1. You called us out on buying one medium sweet potato fries. In what world is splitting a medium anything between three people going to make them fat? And in what world is a total stranger’s diet your business? For the record: if you are concerned about health maybe work someplace that doesn’t involve deep frying.

2. Joking about weight, in any capacity contributes to negativity that could cause a struggling person to fall back into an eating disorder, or self-harm. You suck for contributing to that. (Note: none of us were affected in this regard, but we feel for those who could have.)

3. He assumed he had the right to say ANYTHING about our bodies regardless of the fact this was our first (and hopefully last) encounter.

4. He meant it as a joke (!!!!!). No one’s body is a joke. Ignorant through and through.

5. His job is in the service industry. It is literally his job to ensure a happy customer, safe to say he failed.

6. The other employees, who all happened to be male, didn’t tell him to shut up or correct him. Note: never be a bystander. Stand up.

7. When we called the location later to talk he wasn’t the least bit remorseful, in fact the only word muttered was “Okay”. (Note: Possible indication of intelligence.)

8. There are women who are in direct and close contact to that kind of ignorance every day, and they might know even know the extent of their worth, which reminds me: WOMEN are awesome, and so are there bodies, no matter the size.

9. The saddest part of this isn’t that we were objectified: it is that the society we live in has brainwashed men to think it is okay for them to talk of women, YOUNG women, in this way. Men: you’ll be a lot cooler if you respect women, and treat them equally.

10. He sucks because he thinks we care, who cares if we gain a pound or two!? Ultimately our worth has nothing to do with our bodies, and considering we all have a clean bill of health, limbs that work, we should have nothing but gratitude for our bodies. He sucks for trying to make us feel inadequate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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