Wait For The One Who Speaks To Your Soul


Please, I beg you, do not settle for mediocracy.

I know, these days it seems like nearly everyone is in such a hurry for “true love” that they wind up settling for someone who is so unworthy of them. And it’s a travesty. They do it merely so they don’t have to spend their nights alone. They settle for poor online banter and half-assed promises that never come true.

Please, don’t be one of those misguided people.

Don’t settle for dinners spent staring at phone screens instead of into each other’s eyes. Do not be okay with going three days without talking to someone who pretends to care about you immensely.

You don’t have to be content with that.

Wait for the person who makes your heart beat faster by simply saying your name. Wait for someone who will twirl the strands of your hair around their fingers while they tell you how terribly they have missed you that day, even if the two of you were only apart for a few hours. Wait for someone who can point out the smiley-faced freckle hidden on your knee, and tell you it is their favorite feature on your body.

They should clutch you tighter to them in the middle of the night, just to make sure they are still lucky enough to be in your presence. They should buy you roses and make you dinner every once in a while, just because they know you deserve it and you are worthy.

Wait for the person who gets so lost staring into your eyes that you both forget what song is even playing in that moment. Wait for the person who wants to get to know your parents, your family, and how they raised someone as wonderful as you.

Wait for someone who yearns to understand you, where you came from, and still loves you more than ever.

You deserve to wake up smiling every morning, because you know you are so very deeply loved just because you are you. You deserve to shake the first time your lips touch theirs, half-delusional from the anticipation. You deserve someone who wants to go out with you on a Friday night, and wake up next to you ready for even more adventures on Saturday morning. You deserve someone who understands you so completely, it is unnecessary to explain yourself. Because they simply already know the thoughts running through your complicated, but beautiful mind, and they know how to put your fears at ease.

You deserve someone who will stand by you at your best and catch you when you succumb to the worst. You deserve someone who will wipe every tear away and turn the suffocating darkness into beautiful rays of sunshine.

Please, because you are so beyond worth it, wait for the one who speaks to your soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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