One Day, You’ll Meet Someone Who Makes You Forget Him

Camila Cordeiro
Camila Cordeiro

On the outside, you might be carrying your sorrows very well. You tell everyone that you’re okay, that you have moved on and that things are back on track. Yes, I know. You have mastered the art of faking it. But the truth is, you completely lost your used-to-be-physically-energetic self. You disowned the real person you were when you lost him. Regrettably, you now restrict yourself inside your room doing all the crying, ranting and social media stalking. And no matter what your friends say, there will be no instant remedy for the pain you have.

But let me reassure you that it is okay, sweetie.
The rain will soon subside and the winds will calm.

Remember that in every heartache, there is always a silver lining. And every goodbye leads you to a new start.

Past love is never as bad as you think so don’t let it destroy you. It is not the worst thing that will ever happen to you. It may be bad as hell now but like what everybody else says, this too shall pass.

You no longer need to hold on to something that is already gone. So please, let him go. You have to graciously learn to stand after the drastic fall and prepare to be the best version of yourself.

One day, you will learn to appreciate his absence.

You have to forcefully guard your heart and make sure not to let anyone easily break down its walls. But just like in novels, a prince will come and will try to win every battle to gain the princess’ heart. He will come to secure you from all the physical and emotional threats. He will come to save you.

If that happens, let your guard down.
Let him in, that man deserves a chance.

As someone new enters your life, believe me when I say he’s different from your past. He will be gentle with you and with your heart. He will embrace you and all your flaws. He will stick with you through the burdens of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow He will make you doubt less and trust more. He will commit himself not just to be part of your life but to be in your entire life. He will love you, just you—and only you.

And you know what, sweetie? He is worthy of your love.
He is the one that’s meant to stay, and make you forget the past. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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