Where Do Broken Hearts Go To Heal?


Everyone has had a broken heart at least once in their lives. And as you know, the sting of a breakup is hard to endure. No words, no advice, can help someone mend the pain. We wish that there was some sort of a service center for those broken hearts. However, there isn’t any. So where do hearts really go when they’re in pain?

1. Inside the four corners of her room.

Friends can’t find her anywhere. She didn’t show up last Friday night. She also didn’t show up at work. Where is she? Is she still alive? Yes! She’s still alive, but hardly breathing. She’s inside the four corners of her room. She’s sitting in brokenness, soaking her shirt in salty tears. She’s pondering what went wrong.

2. The gym.

Work out. Now she’s sweating it out. She’s done with weeks/months of confining herself in her room. She’s fighting stress and releasing most of her unwanted emotions. This time, she’s focused on helping her brain release more feel-good hormones. Brace yourself, because she is totally ready for a comeback!

3. On top of a mountain.

She’s finally done pitying herself. Her Facebook timeline is now filled with great pictures of the trail. Obviously, she has somehow regained her self-confidence. Now is the time to be proud of her. She has survived climbing a mountain and she’s bound to survive the heartbreak. If she can hike one hundred miles, she’s sure to get through her other life trials, right?

4. The beach.

Now that she’s reached her desired weight, she deserves some IG worthy shots (yeah, with the beach as the background). But it is not only that. There is nothing more therapeutic than watching the waves dance. The powdery white sand keeps her feet relaxed. At ease. She’s soaking herself under the sun while finishing up her new favorite book. She has managed to put a smile on her face–a smile that no one can take. She’s finally fine. She is ready to face the world anew.

5. Inside of her room.

She’s back inside her room. This time, a well-lit room. She’s carefully thinking about how much things have changed, how much she has grown, how much she has learned. The four corners feel so different now. No remnants of the past, no trace of sadness, no more broken heart. Now, she’s ready to get out. The period of detaining herself inside of her own emotions is over. She’s ready to face a new world. She is healed. She has let it go.

After that, I don’t know where her used-to-be-broken heart will go, but one thing is certain: It will find its way home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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