The Truth Is You Are Never Alone

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You could be rich

You could be famous

You could have a lot of friends

But you couldn’t convince me that you don’t have some inner battle.

A inner battle that suffocates your mind

A inner battle that tells you lies

Our thoughts may seem stronger than us

They keep us busy

Sometimes keeping us away from real opportunities

They tell us to be scared; To be hopeless

That we aren’t worth it

That no one love us

Our society is barbarous

For feeding into this

It tells us to suppress our thoughts

Which in end is our reflection of our emotions and actions

It portrays to us that if you obtain a certain status that you’ll be happy

But you find that it’s wrong; Society lied.


You hurt

But there is a better side

The sun shines in all parts of this

Darkness no longer exist in this

I may not have all the answers

But I do know

that you are not alone

When those hard nights seem to encompass your heart

Rejoice in knowing that you’re not alone

For when we think we are alone is when we react

Sometimes regretting them

I struggle

Everyone does

So it’s time to reunite with others

It’s time to empower others

To have empathy

I’m tired of seeing these false selves

These inconsiderate souls

It’s time to start standing up for people

Who aren’t weak but who struggle

Can you hear me out?

Too many people are suffering

Too many people don’t care for others

When have we become so self absorbed

Instagram followers don’t matter

How many girls you can get in a night don’t matter

How many guys liked your pictures they don’t matter

It’s the love we show to people that do

The love in reality

That seems to have left many

I need to see something different

Show me something real

Something deep

All that I know is

My mission in life is to help those who struggle

Who feel alone

Will you join? TC mark

I see beauty in the roughest places possible.

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