This Is Why You Should Always Remember To Live In The Moment

Rula Sibai
Rula Sibai

The years of our lives flash by without warning. It seemed like yesterday that you and your siblings were fighting over toys, and now you’re fighting over who gets to take the car. They say your college years are the best years of your life. They warn you that the four years will go by in the blink of an eye, and they aren’t wrong.

Suddenly, you watch your parents grow old. Suddenly, there are bills to pay. Suddenly, you aren’t a kid anymore. Years go by. Decades go by. You have kids. Your kids have kids. Suddenly, you discover the true meaning of “life is too short.” But it may be too late.

Appreciate your college years. Savor every minute of belly-aching laughter with your friends, indulging in 3am pizza without fear of consequences, and playing games of warm beer pong. Enjoy your 20s.

Take time to discover who you are.

Go clubbing with your girlfriends, go on dates at nice restaurants, and decorate your quaint apartment with knick knacks and Ikea furniture. Fall in love. Relish in every moment of the proposal, rehearsal dinner, and dress fittings. Never forget the proud, teary-eyed look on your father’s face as you walked down the aisle. Never forget how beautiful you felt.

Time is intangible. A moment only exists for an instant, then it vanishes forever and exists only in one’s memory. There is no way to relive these great moments. There is no way to savor them, to make them last just a bit longer, as hard as we may try. Moments escape us faster than the hot, silky sands of the beach that slip between our fingertips. Time is impalpable. The most important moments of our lives are so untouchable. Couldn’t time stop for just a moment so that we could walk around the scene and take it all in?

Our lives are constantly progressing. Every mundane day of grocery shopping and laundry-doing amounts to a life. One must chose how they spend each precious moment of their time carefully.

A life without passion is a life wasted. Take risks. Learn things. Love deeply. Enlighten yourself. Do what brings you happiness.

I propose this: live in the moment. Although our mortal abilities do not enable us to stop, rewind, or relive moments in our lives, we can only relish in each moment as best we can. Hike to the top of a mountain. Take a moment to look out at the world around you. Breathe in the crisp air. Be observant of the sights and smells that surround you. Notice the blues and purples of the sky, the emerald greens of the foliage, and the feeling of the crumbling earth beneath your feet. Once this moment is over, it is gone forever. Bask in it before you return to the tediousness of your daily life. We may not be able to stop time, but taking a moment to appreciate important milestones is the greatest service we can do for ourselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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