10 Tips For Every Girl Living In NYC On A Budget


1. Never pass up free samples. Of anything. Whether it is a free sample of Maoz falafel balls or mini cups of David’s Tea, do not say no.

2. Walk or take the subway instead of taxis. Taxis, among paying rent and Time Warner, are the biggest money suckers in New York City. If you can walk or take the subway do so as frequently as possible over taking a cab.

3. Pregame hard. Which is cheaper and gets you more drunk? A bottle of wine from Trader Joes or a $15 mixed drink from Southside? You tell me.

4. Only buy groceries from Trader Joes. Speaking of TJs, god’s gift to thy budget, only do your grocery shopping there. If you absolutely need to go elsewhere, I supposed Fairway is acceptable. If you consistently shop at D’Agostino or Food Emporium then you lose all right to complain to me about being broke. And you probably eat mealy apples.

5. Scope out the clothing stores that inevitably put everything on sale. *cough cough* Madewell and Anthropologie.

6. Babysit. Unless you abhor children, it’s the easiest most lucrative side-work you could possibly do.

7. Go on dates. I like nice dinners, I do not like paying for them.

8. Stop spending money on your nails. I know that there are a million places where you can get a mani & pedi combo for $25. And yes, that is a good deal. But getting it every week is excessive. If you are pretty good at painting your own nails, invest in some Essie and O.P.I. and DIY.

9. Make coffee at home. Starbucks soy lattes taste like liquid heaven in my opinion. However, if I bought one every morning I would probably need to start living on food stamps. Indulge sparingly and make coffee at home as much as possible.

10. Do not waste. This is just generally good for the earth as well as your wallet. Be as sustainable as possible, whether it means eating your leftovers for lunch the next day, not buying groceries in excess, or being conscious of leaving the lights on in your apartment, these small steps will save you money in the long term. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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