10 Things To Do When It Feels Like Your World Is Crashing Down

Unsplash, Jeremy Bishop
Unsplash, Jeremy Bishop

Life is hard. It can be overwhelming when nothing goes according to plan. When, in fact, everything is falling apart. It’s like when you screw up in Tetris and none of the pieces are fitting anymore. Too many are barreling down the screen and soon enough, your world is jammed. Game over.

Me personally, I get this feeling in the back of my neck when life starts piling up. I’m not one to get anxious, but sometimes, the weight of it all pierces my lackadaisical lifestyle. In those moments, I have to do something for me. Something that allows me to take a breather and moonwalk my way out of my own reality.

1. Call a friend that makes you inexplicably happy.

They don’t have to be a close friend… in proximity or relationship. Just pick that friend that makes you giddy and happy and excited for no reason. The kind of person that makes everything better just by showing up. My guy is Brandon. He brings his puppy Prince to Facetime. Call your Brandon.

2. Google the Kardashians.

They just suck. You will always be better than the Kardashians.

3. Buy one ticket to the movies and stay there all day.

Put on your ugly sweats and look at the movie theater schedule. Time it out so you can see a few movies back-to-back without too much lag time. Go full out with the movie theater food and get yourself popcorn, candy, and a slushie. And probably a hot dog. You can escape your own reality for a bit by immersing yourself in someone else’s.

4. Run…

Blast some rap and get lost in your run. Or go sans music. Sometimes that’s even better. Whatever you like running to, get lost in it.

5. …But don’t flee.

Even though it feels like everything is crashing down, disappearing isn’t your solution. I am queen of the impulse weekend getaway. But things are always waiting for you on Monday morning. Deal with it now, and you’ll thank yourself later.

6. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk.

It’s therapeutic to let the wind grace your body as you walk outside with your head raised high, instead of buried in your phone. Look up. Look around. The world is pretty awesome. Say hi to whoever passes you. Feel good about just being present.

7. Pop some popcorn and finish a bottle of wine.

Not every night. Keep this one to a minimum – you don’t want to drink away your pain. But toss on a quality show or read a good book, accompanied by a bowl of popcorn big enough for two and a worthy bottle of red. Don’t stop at a glass. Get drunk alone and have a blast.

8. Write yourself encouraging notes and stick them around your house.

I’m a firm believer in cheering yourself on. Write some notes and remind yourself of how awesome you are on the reg. Try whatever you just did, great decision or good job, future me!

9. Find someone who has Mario Kart and play every cup.

There’s nothing to this one. Mario Kart is an amazing game.

10. Get up. You’re a warrior.

Whatever is going on, you’ve got this. Get out of bed. Stand up. Look in the mirror. You’re a motherfucking warrior. You’ll figure it out. You’ll make it to tomorrow, until your tomorrows become your new, exciting future. So get out there, warrior. Live your future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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