The Two Times I Stood Up To Guys Twice My Size

Once walking back from a frat party, my friends and I met cute, hammered boys. They invited us to play beer pong on their porch. I felt rather sick, but I obliged my friends, drooling and giggling over these overgrown frat brothers. Melissa the freshman was smashed. She called the boy she’d slept with the week before.

“I miiiiiiss yooooooou,” she purred. She wandered into the sidewalk, tripping over herself, dancing, smiling, laughing. A shirtless, muscle-bound man stopped just behind her. She didn’t take notice. Branded on his chest were the raised insignias of a fraternity, Grecian scars. Behind his eyes, the movie played. How would this night go? He would take home this drunken girl. He would win her.

Melissa hung up and wandered to a lawn chair. The shirtless dude followed. I watched them talk. I watched them flirt. Reader, I’m a wing-woman. I never cock-block. But this—this was bad news. I stumbled over and with my best hostess smile said, “HI MY NAME IS RACHEL. WHAT’S YOURS?” He muttered his name. “Do you go here?” I asked.

“I did,” he said, “Graduated.”

“So how old are you?”


I nodded, “Has Melissa told you how old she is? She’s a freshman. She’s only eight-teen. She’s drunk. So I think you better back off, and try to sleep with someone your own age.”

He looked surprised and then smiled. He touched my hair. “You’re pretty,” he said.

“Don’t touch me,” I said.

“Girls like you—you girls flaunt your long, pretty hair and then get mad when someone notices. Oh, don’t put it back in that ponytail. Don’t be like that, baby.”

I dragged Melissa away. “It’s time to go,” I said to my friends. I wasn’t looking at him, but I knew he was looking at me. I could feel his gaze searing off my mini-skirt.

“I need to get your number, baby,” he said, “I need to get your credentials. Your credentials!! We can meet up later. Yeah? What’s your number, baby girl?”

“I don’t give my number to strangers,” I said. Melissa and I started walking.

He followed us for a few steps. “Why are you gonna be like that, baby?”

“GOOD NIGHT. GOOD BYE. YOU STAY RIGHT THERE. BYE BYE BYE. DON’T YOU DARE FOLLOW US. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT,” I shouted. Fear pulsed in my belly. Fear, fear, fear—acidic fear. I glanced behind us. He didn’t follow. Thank god.

On the bus ride home, the fear melted into pride. I saved us. Melissa would wake up in her own bed with a monster hangover. That guy would wake up next to some other polite drunk girl. I would wither back into my unassuming, ‘fraidy cat ways. I would over-apologize and over-tip and over-analyze. But for that night, for a few golden hours, I wore the badge of bad ass-ery. Don’t screw with me world, it said, I am not afraid. TC mark

image – Robert S. Donovan


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  • Aladin Sane

    Three Cheers!

  • dechonmustard

    You are AWESOME!
    Hopefully you can find it within yourself to be like this more often :)

  • NoSexCity

    Good story, though delivery of the first account and the second didn’t mesh as well as I was hoping for. Still, nicely done.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you, girl! But HOW are these accounts the only time you’ve stood up to a man? Men are douchebags almost constantly… I have these encounters almost once a weekend! Stand up for yourself more often! 

    • Guies

      Her profile says shes 19. I didn’t learn this shit until at least 22 so good for her.

  • Rachel Smith

    That guy that just calls every girl a slut and doesn’t realize it is offensive *sigh*

    I am just having one of those “ugh people still think like that” moments about your whole encounter, because, for whatever reason, it always surprises me when i encounter that kind of ugliness. It shouldn’t, but it does.

  • natasia

    Great post. You are an awesome friend, Melissa is very lucky that you were there for her that night! 

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  • J. Ky Marsh

    I love that your reponse to Josh saying something offensive to you… was to reply by saying something offensive to him: “Are you in the closet? Is your penis small?”

    I’m guessing you missed your own hypocrisy, though.

    • Just Saying

      What you call offensive, I call reasonable inquiries.

  • Anonymous

    “No one’s ever said anything about it before. Are you like a woman’s studies major or something?”

    What is this assumption? That every woman is stupid and not a feminist unless she’s specifically studying women’s studies? Just…what.

  • Lost Count

    a really good trick to get guys to back off is to throw up on them. Or just fart. Or start talking about STDs (but claim to only know so much about them from being responsible and cautious never to contract them)

  • Yakopian


  • xra

    wait i thought being a slut was a good thing im confused now

  • Sophia

    blah, insert cliché feminist “you rock!!1!” comment here

  • Jordana Bevan

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