9 Ways To Know You’re Over Him


1. You stop creeping on his Tinder to see the last time he was active. (Consider the monthly casual Facebook/Twitter/Instagram stalk an acceptable expression of sick curiosity.)

2. You can listen to songs from the relationship—that he introduced you to or that you listened to together—without immediately thinking of him or feeling barfy.

3. You wear the sweater/watch/necklace he bought you and it doesn’t give you major feels. The memories are gone from it and now it’s just yours.

4. He asks you to come back and you politely decline. You might feel a twinge of perverse joy, but you’re mostly just uninterested.

5. You can defriend him on Facebook (if that’s your style) because you stopped secretly hoping he would send you an article that made him think of you via chat.

6. You stop holding conversations in your head in which you charm his pants off with funny stories and he eagerly listens to the minutiae of your day.

7. You honestly forgive him for the way he made you feel, even if he doesn’t deserve it.

8. You fall in love with someone else.

9. You don’t realize that any of these things have happened because you’re too occupied being happy. He may still cross your mind once in a while, but only in the foggy, transitory way ex-boyfriends do. TC Mark

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