Our Story Is My Favorite Story To Tell

Naassom Azevedo
Naassom Azevedo

Ours is my favorite story to tell.
How we basically grew up together
but I didn’t know you
How we shared a class
But never talked

How I was friends with your girlfriend before I was friends with you
How I took your side, rather than hers

When we moved and I was nervous, yet happy
to have a familiar face,
while still unknown,
A friend

You welcomed me with kindness and understanding.
Loosened me up
Made me watch awful movies
and yelled at me for talking

I got to know you
The good and bad,
the thoughts and emotions
That time you said “I can’t wait to be a dad”
or when I was brutally, almost absurdly honest

When we kissed and I didn’t know what I would do,
because I was so scared
to mess things up

You said the reason it happened, then the reason it didn’t, was
“because of our friendship”
that even now the line still blurs from time to time
but neither one of us is willing to cross it
in sacrifice of the other

How can I express how lucky I feel,
to have found a friend in you
To have gone unnoticed,
all those childhood years

How thankful I am to know you’re here,
as am I,
whenever the other needs help

Thank you, my friend,
for being one of the best people I know.
For not judging, for pushing,
for making me the third wheel (on numerous occasions),
for telling me when I’m falling short of what I deserve.
For calling me on the bullshit,
and letting me call you on yours.

Ours is my favorite story to tell,
Because it was unexpected
Because it’s remained,
through so many things and relationships

Ours is my favorite story to tell —
— Because you’re you,
and I’m so glad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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