I Am Constantly Torn


I often find myself torn.

Torn between being alone and having someone to hold.
Between sitting in silence to let my thoughts air out and blasting music to drown them.
Between allowing myself to miss something and forcing myself to accept change.
Between reminiscing and not looking back.
Between feeling sorry for myself and being so incredibly thankful.
Between relaxation and motivation.
Between sleeping alone and having someone next to me.
Between safety and danger.
Between spilling my heart out and pretending everything is fine.
Between confiding in others and trusting no one.
Between a Friday night out and a Saturday night in.
Between the future and right now.

Between accepting mediocrity and striving for the best.

Between hot coffee and iced coffee.
Between work and play.
Between following and leading.
Between trying to impress you and not giving a fuck.
Between whiskey and beer.
Between summer and fall.
Between doing what I want and doing what I should do.

Between goodbye and welcome back.

Between old and new.
Between black and white.
Between city and country.
Between ocean and mountain.
Between comfort and passion.
Between leather and flannel.
Between screaming and silence.

Between home and where I should be.

Between childhood and adulthood.
Between love and lust.
Between blue and red.

Between you and me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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