To My Best Friend

Whether it was fate, luck, or something else that pulled us to become best friends, I am forever in their debt. The saying goes people come into your life for a reason, whether for them to change your life or for you to change theirs. Well, my best friend changed mine like no one else has ever done. I mean, you meet people everyday, but the power of one person is truly tremendous in the impact it can make in your life. To find a best friend to make you feel like you are worth it and doing something good in life is an intangible gift I hope everyone discovers. To find someone that teaches you something new everyday, that makes you consciously choose to become better everyday, a better person, or to do something with meaning.

It was almost serendipitous how friendships start. It was unexpected, I’m sure for both of us. We are different, but equally similar. We give each other what we need in life without knowing, and this is why this friendship works seamlessly. You give me love, and compassion like I never really understood before. Your heart is so big, and you care. I think without you, I would have a lot less love in my life. You tell me you love me more times than I’ve heard in my life. In days that are pretty dark, hearing your voice in my head is the only thing that gets me though.

Together, we can accomplish anything. As long as we are in each other’s corner, we can handle life with every disappointment, milestone, or success it throws at us. We change each other, slowly, but as are evolving, we make each other better, together.

I’ve always said that time is the most powerful four letter word. The word scares me to be quite honest, because it is one thing that you cannot control. Time will pass, things will change, and sometimes you are just stuck and watching the world go by.

I think whatever happens in our lives; yes it is meant to be. But you and me will always have enough time to accomplish all our dreams and goals; whether they are our individual dreams or our dreams we have together, fashionably in the city. It could be my naivety, but as strong as we are separately, I believe we are invincible together.

Time is scary, and time is unpredictable, but having someone like you as my best friend, makes this just a four-letter word. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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