These Are The Secrets Behind My Smile

Who do you turn to,
Where do you go
When everything’s aching
And your heart’s cut open?
Who comforts you
When you feel weak?
Many people turn to sex,
Drugs, alcohol,
Worldly lies,
And I can tell you myself
That I’ve fallen down deep.
I’ve gotten caught up in
The world’s most deadly traps.
My friends are romanced by this idea,
Breaking every rule.
I know it’s wrong,
But when I fall,
I feel alive.
I’ve flirted with death, drugs, and lies,
The list goes on.
And sometimes they make me feel good.
Am I sick?
Or am I just searching,
Searching for something I can’t seem to find?
Something worth living for.
Do you think I’m complaining?
Do you even hear what I’m saying?
Every day, I think it will be better,
And every day I am disappointed again.
It’s hard to say when this will get better.
It’s like a disease,
Quick and deadly,
You don’t know you’re almost dead,
Until it’s in the final stages.
Someone please wake me up.
Save me from this desolate pit.
I’m desperate to be saved.
I need to feel your arms around me,
Your breath on my face,
Your words in my ears.
All I want is to be loved,
Can’t you see that?
Is this fantasy real or just a dream?
My life is a living hell,
I need an angel to save me.
Is anyone out there listening?
Can anyone hear my cries?
Did you even know I felt like this?
These are the secrets behind the smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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