Love Of My Life, I’m Slowly Healing

Love of my life
I still remember when you told me you kissed someone else
Let’s flashback to when I told you about my summer abroad
How I ran to you bawling and you just sat there
While your affair ran rampant
How dare you lie to my face so many times
I lost trust in all of them
You knew they were my family
You heard me cry about how I would die for them
But you left my diamond heart to rot

Love of my life
I still have the scar from when I broke down
From when you tried to pull me back
From the depths of my depression
I can’t remember his exact words
It was something like
Teach her what it means to be loved
You chased after me in the street
You were my hero
You gave me everything I could ever want
In that one moment

Love of my life
You are not anymore
I’m slowly healing
I’m not mad at you anymore
The words I write give me freedom
Once I write it down
They fly away into the past
It takes me a lot to move past things
That doesn’t make me pathetic
It makes me passionate
Which is the most beautiful thing to me

Love of my life
Is what you showed me
You showed me what it was like to be free
Roses on my doorstep is the standard now
I know my worth after you
I’d be there for you in a heartbeat
But not as your love
I will always be a few steps away
Because you showed me how to love my life Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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