Losing You Is Like Losing A Piece Of Myself


You’re a piece of me
Somewhere between laying across your car staring at the stars and hooking up under the cover of your golden ford fusion
Your name became a familiar taste on my tongue
I ran from guy to guy to forget about you
I heard about your adventures with them
When I finally realized where my heart was
I saw you with her
As you laughed at the Mill after the show
I made you wait a lifetime
And we didn’t even work out
Even still, every time I see your name
My heart skips a beat
But now you’ve completely moved on
I know we ended a long time ago
It just took me this long to admit it

I lost my best friend
Somewhere between lasagna picnics at White Rock Lake and red velvet cupcakes on my red Camry
I still have the teddy bear on my bedside table
But now I have to tear him up
I have to let him go
Like I know you’ve done to me
After you met “my guy”
The silence filled our nonexistent relationship
But I won’t tell you this face to face
If you don’t read this
I guess you’ll never know
All I want is for you to be happy
I see you out laughing with your friends
Two years changed my whole life

You were the best
But now I’ll let you go
You know I hate to say goodbye
I tried to hold on with all my might
Everytime I sent a message your way
When I made those chocolate chip cookies
I was sending a silent hint
But I won’t do this to myself anymore
You’re happy and it’s time for me to fly
Away from everything we were
Even though you will always be
A piece of me Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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