Do This Don’t: Wear Goggles Outside

I used to think there was nothing as liberating as throwing on a pair of sunglasses and assuming full incognito. Others can still see me – I now know this – but that didn’t matter. I threw them on like they were headphones for my eyes, dodging eye contact left and right – with a creepy stranger here, my mother there, and all without an ounce of guilt. But something tells me their powers are starting to wane. “Something” being my dad, who, as I walked by him on the street, said these exact words to me – “I see you” – despite my orange cat eye sunglasses. No – these cat eye sunglasses clearly just don’t cut it anymore. I need something large and obtrusive. I need…goggles. And let’s be honest: who hasn’t, at some point in their life, looked in the mirror, surveyed their outfit, and thought, “Goggles. If only I had a pair of goggles, this look would be complete”? Because sometimes, when tired eyes are a gross understatement, putting on sunglasses can feel about as useful as bleaching my mustache (you can’t see it if it’s blonde, right? wrong) and nothing but goggles will do. Something to “mask the pain,” as V. Stiviano once succinctly put it, when referring to her visor. And since the Alexander Wang x H&M goggles are currently all sold out

let us instead turn to Moschino, who has our back in their menswear fall 2015 collection (plus some more notable goggle moments, in case you weren’t convinced). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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