10 Accidentally Hilarious Fashion Editorials For Your Pleasure

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1. Alice Le Paige shot by Cedric Viollet for Jalouse Magazine.

Cedric: Listen to me and listen closely. There’s an itch on my left butt-cheek that needs tending to. Scratch it, and only then will I smile.

2. Photo by Sandro Giordano.

I said don’t rush me. Maybe next time you’ll listen.

3. Christian Dior’s Spring 2002 campaign with Gisele, shot by Nick Knight.

When bae lies and tells you the Pepsi is diet.

4. “Tracy and fur on the shelf,” Berlin 2013, by Maxime Ballesteros.

Me, playing dead, when the government comes to collect my tax returns.

5. Helena Severin with hair by Anthony Turner for i-D Magazine’s winter issue.

When you catch bae petting the feral cats on your street. I’m just disappointed…that’s all.

6. Shot for Wonderland Magazine, featuring Ed Marler.

Me, after learning that bae has a kid. Who likes to play dress-up.

7. Natasha poly for Vogue Paris’ November 2014 issue, shot by Inez & Vinoodh.

Me on the beach…literally never.

8. Chris Moore for “Ex Stasis,” in Dazed’s October 2011 issue, shot by Matthew Stone.

When the “SHOWTIME” boys show up on the subway and you just want to remain unseen.

9. Natasha Poly for V Magazine’s “City of God,” October 2010, shot by Mario Sorrenti.

When bae tries to give me a pound.

10. Gigi Hadid for the December 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, shot by Michael Avedon.


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