The New Magazine That Celebrities Are Going To For Their Fashion Overhauls

CR Fashion Book, the one that was started by none other than former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris Carine Roitfeld, is only up to its fifth issue. Still, the magazine seems to have already set their unofficial tone: it’s where tabloid celebrities go to transition into high-fashion stars. For the magazine’s third issue, which came out in the fall of 2013, Kim Kardashian was on the cover looking much more high fashion than we had ever remembered her.

In retrospect, that spread helped pave the way to the tasteful Kim we know now, who’s been embraced by some of the world’s top designers. And, unless my eyes are deceiving me, it seems Beyoncé is following in her footsteps.

I had always thought that Beyoncé had covered pretty much all the bases; that there was nothing she could do at this point that would surprise me. But her new editorial in CR Fashion Book’s fifth issue has proved me very very wrong.

It’s hard for Beyoncé to look bad in anything she wears; her style isn’t what catches people’s eyes, but B has still worked high fashion, and gracefully too — which isn’t always so easy for women with curves. Even so, she’s always been much more Versace and less…Junya Watanabe. Her style has always veered on the flashier side.

Which is perhaps why her new spread in CR Fashion Book feels so very different from the Beyoncé we all (think we) know.

It’s hard to choose one brand that sums up Beyoncé. It’s hard to even explain who Beyoncé is since she’s more an amalgamation of America’s dreams than anything else; a reflection of the state of our society. But I had always felt certain of what Beyoncé was not; she was never, for instance, very Comme des Garçons — that much was always clear. Now I’m not so sure. Why?

Exhibit A: Bey is squatting — a typical pose for her, sure — but in some very avant-garde Comme des Garçons pieces and it feels a little off.

Exhibit B: Bey is posing with a Chanel surfboard, and — O.K. fine, nothing weird there. But the surfboard is attached to a corset, which hugs the torso of a very stiff Beyoncé — an unsmiling, dare-I-say high fashion Beyoncé. Already the editorial suggests she’s following in Kim’s footsteps, trying to gain more credibility in the high end, serious fashion world. And that felt abundantly true when I noticed Exhibit C:

And I’m not referring to her chic Catwoman look either. I’m referring to her necklace, which is made by Lorraine Schwartz — y’know, that chill jewelry designer who made Kim Kardashian her 15-carat engagement ring? The ring that cost Kanye over $2 million? Yeah, that one.

This all feels very familiar… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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