The 8 Most Ridiculous Outfits From This Year’s New York Fashion Week

As always, New York Fashion Week this year had its highlights. And as always, the highlights fall into one of two categories: they’re either really impressive and inspiring designs, silhouettes and embroideries. Or they’re proof that Zoolander wasn’t fiction. And it’s equally important to cover the former as it is to cover the latter; to, in a sense, acknowledge the levels of absurdity that fashion has been taken to. Good fashion can only be respected if we can admit the preposterous trends when we see them…walking on crutches…

I was with a friend last night whose dad coincidentally got cancer during last year’s New York Fashion Week and again during this past fashion week. Which left us wondering: according to Hood by Air, does this mean that her dad is trending? Intrinsically trending? I’m asking because I truthfully do not know the answer. This one goes out to Joan Rivers. R.I.P., babes.

1. Maison Martin Margiela.

I love the silk dresses with lace at the hem; they’re gorgeous and I want one. But to the look on the left: why ruin this dress by suffocating it — and the human inside of it — with a garment bag?

As for the second look — again, bravo to the lace and silk. Looks comfy yet regal. And the color of the dress pairs beautifully with that turquoise blanket. But, arms? Are they overrated now? Again, I’m asking because I simply don’t know.

2. Libertine’s cracked-out rave.

I’m sorry, what? And on top of all of this, were the silver bangles really necessary? Tell me yes and I’ll keep quiet!

3. The nails at Rodarte.

Rodarte KILLED this year. I even appreciate the whole grunge, Kurt Cobain beauty look that they juxtaposed against the ethereal, mermaid-like dresses. I just find the concept of nails made to look intentionally dirty very amusing.

4. The hats at Thom Browne.

I guess it’s just the practicality here that floors me most? With regards to the top photo: even an actual bag would’ve been better — at least then it would have served to keep SOME sun out of the eyes. But the skeleton of a bag? Really?

5. The hats at Donna Karan.

Ooooooh Yes. YES. Donna Karan attempts to one-up Vivienne Westwood with a new, bolder iteration of the Pharrell hat, and it feels so very Elmer Fudd meets Marge Simpson.

6. Telfar.
I concur. I just…concur.

7. Luar Zepol.
At Luar Zepol’s show, the models got painted-on beards and antenna-looking spikes fused to their heads. Spikes that, upon further investigation, are not really spikes at all but instead those plastic snap lock pins most often used to tag clothing.

8. VFiles.

VFiles wants you to know that shin guards are cool, but cooler on your arms. It’s the new version of don’t-wear-a-helmet. Oh and also: Pi is trending. But of course, I already knew that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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