The 6, Most WTF Pieces To Come Out Of New York Fashion Week So Far

1. The sneakers at Eckhaus Latta.

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, together, make Eckhaus Latta, a NYC-based label that started in 2012 and is the product of the two RISD graduates’ very artsy, contrarian visions for fashion. They’re thoughtful and meticulous in their designs and production, which they hope shines through in their pieces. They tend to work with unusual, repurposed materials too; I have a top of theirs, for instance, that looks like air conditioning insulation. And yesterday, when they showed their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, I could hear the shrieks and cries of mothers everywhere reverberating. Why? Well for starters, these:

One dirty sneaker slipped right into another. Too bad they just came out now; I could’ve really had fun with these in high school what with my white-washed carpeted bedroom.

Then there were these:

Now, hold on. I know what you’re thinking. And yes, that is indeed three of my grandma’s tennis shoes stacked one on top of the other.

2. Painted-on knee highs at Eckhaus Latta.

Perhaps in a nod to Prada’s coveted leg warmers, Eckhaus Latta painted a similar-looking design onto some of their models’ legs. Except the painted-on design looked less Prada leg warmers and more like the socks you wore to play intramural soccer at camp.

3. Handicapped is trending according to Hood by Air.

Hood by Air is a NYC-based streetwear brand created by Shayne Oliver. His stuff is the kind that you see everyone wearing, in the blink of an eye, before you even had the chance to ask, “But why?” To ask “why?” at this point would be moot — at this juncture, their clout is strong, but only because everyone is wearing it. Much of Shayne’s collections are dominated by logos — whether it’s the Hood By Air logo or a rendition of the Universal Studios logo. He’s emblazoned his shirts with photos of Aphex Twin and Sinead O’Connor. And now, it appears that the winner of the CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear has made polio trending. Don’t hate the messenger — it wasn’t I who made this observation, but a @jukeboxbabe. Yet it is an astute observation if I do say so myself. But why, you ask? Why is polio trending? Because — well, look: it is.

I just wish I could’ve been there to see the model’s face when he showed up backstage, all puffed up and proud, just to be told, “So for your look, we’re putting you in these crutches. But not just any crutches. The type that clasp tightly to your forearms.”

4. Plus, guillotines and dogs.

Androgyny + a dog + emoji tattoos smack dab on the knees. I mean, does it GET any more revolutionary? Part of me feels like this is Shayne’s way of almost mocking his clientele. Like, let’s see how far you’ll go to buy my stuff. Will you pay hundreds of dollars for death? I bet you will!
Also, what did I tell you about dogs? #Trending.

5. Baby bondage clothes.

Other than the leather straps and harnesses that are literally bound together, it seems Zana Bayne — the NYC-based bondage-themed label — knows no bounds.

Put your kid in a new kind of harness, courtesy of Zana Bayne.

6. Dustin Yellin (for some reason) at Misha Nonoo.
A case in point that a more high-end brand does not have to mean a less silly one. With a father from Iraq and a British mother, Misha Nonoo incorporates her intrinsic multiculturalism into her clothes. And apparently her models too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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