There’s A New Face Popping Up In The Céline Campaigns

If you’ve noticed a disproportionate amount of Céline coverage here on my Thought Catalog fashion beat…well good. It’s intentional.

Céline’s clout is not for nothing. Think of humans and all of their imperfections – well, the same goes for animals. And so you can imagine how hard it must be to find leather hides that are spotless. And yet that’s one man’s job, in a remote village in Italy – to find the cleanest, softest and most immaculate leather hides for Céline. It’s what makes Céline so unique, and so exorbitantly expensive as well.

Unlike so many other brands, Céline has zero qualms about the make, production, and quality of their clothes and accessories. As such, they never appear to be trying too hard, or overcompensating. And you rarely see them venturing outside of their typical aesthetic either; it’s worked so well for them since, and there’s been no need to disturb the company’s impeccable consistency.

Which is why it was so surprising to see them add a new face to their fall 2014 campaign. In 2011, Daria Werbowy was tapped as the face of Céline and, up until now, aside for the occasional add-ons (re: Julia Nobis in their Spring 2014 campaign), she had basically been representing the brand on her own. And while Daria is still the most prominent fixture in this season’s Céline campaigns, a new face has been added to the roster too: Natalie Westling.

Just the mere fact of adding a new face to their campaigns makes the line feel more accessible. If Céline were a club – and let’s be real now: it is – then this addition feels like they’re loosening the rope, if ever so slightly, and letting some more people in. Just be sure to close the door on your way out! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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