The Weird Trends You Didn’t Know Are In: Bandits

In this series, I’ll be detailing the peculiar and unexpected styles that are currently #trending. Unlike my other fashion vertical, “The Weird Trends You Didn’t Know Are In” will feature looks that even I find curious. The kind of stuff that makes you furrow your brow and proclaim, “But I don’t get it!” Because fashion can be weird, and that deserves attention too.

And when I say bandits, I mean really any outlaw type whose predilections necessitate a disguised or masked face. Even if you have no intention of robbing a bank – even if petty thievery isn’t your thing! – the hope is that you’ll still give off the impression that you’re a trusted hit man. I say this because the Marc by Marc Jacobs menacing-looking bandana that showed up on their Fall 2014 runway is now featured in not one, but two major editorials in two different September issues. And wearing them aren’t some lowly peasants either, but rather perhaps the most coveted and sought after models of the moment. Binx Walton and Natalie Westling on the cover of the new Dazed and Confused issue:

And Kendall Jenner in her cover story for Teen Vogue:

Honestly I love Katie Hillier and what she’s done with Marc by Marc Jacobs since she was named creative director. And there’s something to be said about this collection, and this bandit look in particular, which felt like a new ilk of strength — more girl power and less masculine. There’s also the glaring fact that we typically don’t imagine women as bandits — the message is powerful and appreciated. Just a couple concerns: with that tied around your mouth, how easy is it to breathe? Let’s say you’re eating a plate of fries, how do you resist the urge to just yank it right off your face? And I’m assuming lipstick is out of the question…? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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