The Coolest Way To Recycle: Wear Your Plastic

The word “plastic” doesn’t have the happiest connotations. We say it and we think of plastic surgery or “the plastics” from Mean Girls. When I think of plastic, blow-up furniture comes to mind — which, by the way, someone really needs to bring back. I also think of the “Plastic Beach” album by Gorillaz, arguably one of the best albums to come out in the last decade. In the song “Pirate Jet” from that album, Damon Albarn croons, “It’s all good news now / Because we left the tabs, runnin, for a hundred years…” acerbically addressing everyone’s complacency with the way we trash the world and, by extension, diminish the state of our globe, yet with an intentional flippancy too. “So drink into the drink, plastic cap drink / Drink with the purple, the people / The plastic eating people.” The lyrics are morose, dark, pessimistic. But also profoundly legitimate.
However, not all people are “the plastic eating people.” Some, and especially now, are plastic WEARING people, and you really do have to hand it to them; finding more ways to recycle is never a bad thing. And it just so happens to look really good too.
Below, some sartorial plastic options for you to invest in:

Wanda Nylon.

You could call them the purveyor of luxury plastic wear. Founded by Johanna Senyk and Peter Hornstein, the Paris-based brand is known for their signature plastic raincoats — they come in clear, irridescent, and a whole slew of other colors. They’ve also been worn by Rita Ora and M.I.A., not to mention featured in a ton of editorials.

The plastic trench.

You’ll notice that plastic looks particularly good when fashioned into a trench coat. Wanda Nylon makes a ton of these.

As well as PVC.

Raquel Zimmerman by David Sims for LOVE.

In the most recent issue of LOVE, there’s an entire spread solely featuring Raquel Zimmerman in different plastic garb. The spread was shot by David Sims and styled by Katie Grand.

Plastic backpacks.

Simone Rocha.

Though Wanda Nylon did help start the plastic trench-coat trend, they weren’t the first designers to use plastic in their clothes. For her Spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection, Simone Rocha made neon-colored dresses and skirts out of plastic, with daisy embellishments. The use of plastic isn’t as conspicuous as Wanda Nylon, but it’s still definitely there.

Plastic skirts.

I can’t vouch for how comfortable they are, but they certainly photograph well.

There’s lots of plastic headgear too.

And thankfully ASOS has hopped on the trend.

ASOS clear rain mac via
ASOS clear rain mac via

These plastic clothes and jackets aren’t merely hiding in famous stylists’ and models’ garment bags. They’re hiding on the ASOS website too, and at an affordable price point. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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