The 5 Best Fake Fur Coats For Fall

Back-to-school season is the pits. It’s August — it’s STILL SUMMER — yet the deluge of commercials that tell us how to look basic with our group of friends and juggle four half-priced binders all at the same time are making it KIND OF HARD to enjoy our last month of sunshine.
Of course there are some aspects of the looming cold weather that make us giddy with anticipation. Everyone’s different; for me, it’s not the smell of Starbucks’ pumpkin-spice-flavored goo that they pump into their lattés, nor is it the twinkle of premature Christmas lights. No — the only things that I can say with full confidence that get me excited for the coming season are clothes. And, more precisely, fake fur coats.
Now I wish I could say my penchant for fake fur is born of a fierce concern for animals’ rights. But the real reason is this: procuring a collection of real fur coats would be supremely harder than procuring a collection of fake fur ones for a pauper like me. And honestly, I’ve found that the fake fur coats out there right now are much more appealing anyway (that’s me trying my best to feign indifference over the fact that I will never own a Prada or Chris Kane fur coat).

1. Gosha Rubinsky’s leopard-print coat.

from Gosha Rubinsky's fall 2014 lookbook.
from Gosha Rubinsky’s fall 2014 lookbook.

Gosha Rubinsky is a Russian street-wear-inspired brand that has gained much of its clout due to its affiliations with Comme des Garçons; the japanese brand runs their productions and distribution. But their clout is deserved too. In contrast to their usual industrial-style clothes, this fall their collection feels a bit more feminine, and especially with the addition of these faux fur leopard coats (it comes in a more cropped version in green too).

2. Shrimps.

From Shrimps Fall 2014 lookbook.
From Shrimps Fall 2014 lookbook.

I hesitate to mention this brand for fear that their coats will all be snatched up by the time I get my hands on one. The faux fur brand specializes in fake fur coats of brightly colored hues, some with two thick stripes planted on the waistline.

3. Topshop faux fur animal print coat.

Simone Rocha makes a very similar one, but for two grand. I only mention this because I love Simone Rocha and you should too. But really, what’s the point of getting fake fur if it’s going to cost you that much? This Topshop coat feels much more palatable.

4. Layla Racy’s yoko cocoon coat.

from Layla Racy's fall 2014 lookbook. Shot by Cris Moor, hair and makeup by Yoko Okutsu/Salon Shizen/The Oversea, book design by Tiffany Jen.
from Layla Racy’s fall 2014 lookbook. Shot by Cris Moor, hair and makeup by Yoko Okutsu/Salon Shizen/The Oversea, book design by Tiffany Jen.

My friend Layla has an awesome label that’s sold at Opening Ceremony. For this fall, she made a faux fur coat that’s kind of perfect — it’s simple, just the right length, and not at all cheap-looking. The coat will be in Opening Ceremony stores and online soon, but only in black. For the red coat, you’ll have to order it by contacting Layla here.

5. Zara’s furry coat.

And finally, this Zara collarless coat. 3/4 acrylic and 1/4 polyester, the coat’s got depth with simple stitching and looks like it can be thrown over just about anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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