A Model-Designer Collaboration You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Usually when models collaborate with designers or brands, it falls flat. Usually, models do this for marketing purposes and not out of some deep-seated passion for design and textiles. And typically it’s a collaboration that benefits the brand — that adds some legitimacy to their reputation or at least promises a surge in sales for a brief period of time. Think: Kate Moss for Topshop or Rihanna for River Island.

Well Kiko Mizuhara has effectively put an end to this. The Korean-American model who has walked for Chanel, Olympia Le-Tan and Nasir Mazhar among others, has just released her second collection with Opening Ceremony, a collaboration that started last season. And, from the looks of her Instagram posts, it’s not your average homely H&M or Topshop collaboration.

Peep some highlights from the collection below. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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