A Look Into The One-Off Fashion Shows

What initially began as a purposeful and informative week-long event, New York Fashion Week has in recent years morphed into more of a mockery of itself than anything else. Rare are the people who go to the shows for the clothes being shown (in New York at least). These days, people typically go to be seen, which is why the atypical fashion shows that cause us to pause and think, and aren’t solely revolved around street style photographers, are so appreciated.
Opening Ceremony just recently revealed that they won’t be adhering to the typical runway standards for the NYFW approaching in September. This year, instead of a fashion show, they’re putting on a play by Spike Jonze that will feature Jonah Hill and the clothes for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. And so, in honor of inspiring developments in fashion like this, let’s take a look back at some of the coolest fashion shows that I can remember.

1. threeASFOUR.

threeASFOUR has been in the fashion game for awhile now; they’re veterans and have always taken the contrarian route. In fact, they don’t even think of themselves as first and foremost fashion designers, but rather artists. Made up of Gabi, who’s from Lebanon; Adi, who’s from Israel; and Ange, who’s from Tajikstan, ThreeasFOUR has always had grander, more political and global intentions for their work.

For their Fall/Winter 2014 collection they went digital and showed their collection in a video they released. Starring Lily McMenamy, the video features her as the sole model, walking on a virtual runway that the designers concocted themselves. Then they showed their Spring/Summer 2014 collection in an exhibit at the Jewish Museum called Mer Ka Ba.

2. Chanel Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Ready-to-Wear.

Karl Lagerfeld has done some pretty impressive shows in the past, but it might be the show for his “pedestrian” collection — the one that, in his opinion, is more wearable and approachable than anything he’s ever done — that was the most memorable. Granted, it looked nothing like my sweatpants-friendly MET Supermarket shenanigans, but it was cute to watch Cara and Jordan try to act ordinary! The jig was up as soon as Rihanna jumped into Cara’s cart. You can watch the full show here.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier is also known for his aberrant shows that are more like burlesque dance party than anything else. They’re the kinds of shows that elicit tremendous FOMO — and I imagine this is even if you’re sitting in the audience. The type of rare FOMO that can only be cured if you woke up and were suddenly Joan Smalls.

That is to say, incurable FOMO. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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