YOU’RE WELCOME: 25 eBay Items I Found That You Want

I’m just now getting over the flu. But having it for the past week made me realize two things: 1) Flu shots are not folklore, and 2) I COULD BE A PERSONAL SHOPPER ON eBAY. Seriously, it’s kind of eerie how good I am at mining this website. I made this list for you because I’m nice (next time I’m charging), but mostly in hopes of preventing myself from buying the whole lot. As you can see I have an affinity for vintage Gaultier and 90s style stuff. Again, you are welcome.

1. Dries Van Noten gradient top, $50

2. Dries Van Noted floral print disgustingly pretty skirt, $55

3. Moschino belt with logo, $89.98

4. YSL woven hat, $295

5. Dior paisley tie, $17.99

6. Gucci rain boots, $57

7. COMME des GARÇONS Play striped tee, $31

8. Gucci messenger bag, $195

9. Gucci suede tote, $140

10. Gucci denim button down, $110

11. Vivienne Tam “Mao” shirt, $192

12. COMME des GARÇONS layered top, $110

13. Fendi sheer body suit, $60

14. Gaultier sheer button down, $89

15. Gaultier 90s-style sunglasses, $75

16. Joy Division tee, $12.99

17. Prada black loafers, $195

18. Agnès b amazing tartan dress someone please buy this, $99

19. Versace Versus vintage dress, $69.99

20. Salvatore Ferragamo green backpack, $99

21. Salvatore Ferragamo black loafers, $113.45

22. Green snakeskin belt because why not? $21.58

23. Missoni button down, $75

24. Gucci brown suede purse, $99

25. Chanel hiking boots, $675
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