Meet The King Of Vine, Perhaps The Funniest Man On The Planet

Meet Anthony Troli, a University of La Verne student, Vine mastermind, and (hopefully) my new boyfriend. Anthony’s a film student and recently reached his goal on a Kickstarter program with fellow film students for a short film called “Young Adults”. Google alert: set.

“Coldplay Makes Everything Dramatic”

“Black People Be Like (with Jay Walker)”

“Sometimes I goof up the lyrics”

“Cooked my new girlfriend dinner tonight :)”

“First date jitters!”

“Bentley, the rich kid everyone hates, is upset”

“Trying to make a Vine with my little brother Grant Troli

“Grandma needed help turning on the TV”

“My new girlfriend is SO talented!”

“Sometimes I feel left out :(“

“Date Night! :)”

“Grandma wants me to go to Church with her”

“I lost a follower today”

“Manic Monday (shot by Grant Troli)”

“Just letting you know that I know”

“We’ve all been there”

“Am I overreacting?? Part 2: Poor Sport (with Grant Troli)”

“CeeLo Green was an adorable baby”

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