17 Signs You’re An NYC Newb

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image – shutterstock.com

1. You refer to any city other than New York as “the city”.

2. You pronounce Houston street like the city in Texas.

3. You think that a lawn in Central Park—or any grassy knoll in the city, for that matter—is clean enough to lie on without a towel.

4. You want to go to Times Square for New Years.

5. You take gypsy cabs.

6. You think that Carrie Bradshaw’s life as a freelance writer with copious numbers of Manolo Blahnik shoes is realistic.

7. Your idea of Brooklyn is current-day Williamsburg.

8. You believe downtown NYC is one entity, representing everything cool. (RE: Greenwich village, Union Square, etc).

9. You think of Grand Central Station as a tourist site and not as a cauldron of filth.

10. On Halloween, you partake in the parade.

11. You don’t know that a cab is open when—AND ONLY WHEN—the middle light on the top of the cab is lit up.

12. You engage in a conversation with anyone on the subway past 11pm.

13. You take a Pedicab while bearing a shit-eating grin.

14. You eat a hot dog from a cart.

15. You go to a Broadway show and are talked into having dinner somewhere nearby, like Blue Fin.

16. You buy knock-offs on Canal Street.

17. You think going swimming in a public pool is a good idea—namely, McCarren pool. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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