Why Have We Become So Afraid Of Being Alone?

“Table for one, please.”
Five minutes later…
Server: “What can I get for the girl sitting by herself?”
“A sweet tea,” I reply with a thank you.

“I’m moving to a new apartment.”
“Have you met your roommates yet?”
“I don’t have any roommates.”
“Oh…” as I get a quizzical and pitying look.

Why can’t we do things like go to bars by ourselves? Or movies? If I want to see a movie that nobody else wants to see, why is it that I can’t go by myself with a bag of popcorn to keep me company? Why, when I tell somebody I’m going on a travel adventure solo, do I get greeted by remarks like:

“Oh, I could never do that.”
“That sounds scary, aren’t you afraid of going by yourself?”
“You know you aren’t normal, right?”

We, as a population, have become terrified of being alone.

This shouldn’t be the case. Being alone doesn’t have to be scary, dangerous, or pitiful. Being alone can be enlightening. It can bring you peace. It can help you get in touch with yourself. Not only that, it can bring positivity into your life.

Next time you’re tempted to sit inside on a Saturday night because you either cannot find anyone to hang out with or everybody already has plans, don’t fear going out alone. At first, it will be scary. People may shoot you weird looks if they see you out by yourself, but if you pretend to be confident, or are confident, nobody will bother you about it. You may find some people will pity you for being all alone, but that’s their prerogative.

We often don’t do things alone out of fear, and end up being disappointed when we wanted to go somewhere that everyone else either thought was stupid or had no interest in having a part in.

Why do we have to be so disappointed? Why do we get down on ourselves when this happens? It brings negativity into our lives, and seeing as everyone already has their own problems that they’re dealing with in life, whether that’s a stressful job or something else, more negativity truly isn’t needed.

Go to that new restaurant you’ve wanted to check out. Take a walk outside. Go sit against a tree at a park and read a book all by yourself because you’d like to take in the sunny weather. Want to see the new Muppets movie but nobody else does? What about the new Captain America movie, but you waited too long and everyone else has already been? Go. Do it. While you do it, don’t sit there, nervous about who might see you, and if somebody does have the audacity to say “Oh, you’re all by yourself…?” Own it. Stand tall and proud. Say yes. Some people might think you’re crazy, but others may just wish they had the strength to do the same thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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