This Is How You Survive The Worst

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Delyn Stirewalt

You never learn to fully appreciate the darkness until you have seen sunlight. When life takes a turn for the worse, your mind tends to shut down, and you start to think one-sidedly, incoherently. You fail to see the bigger picture.

You might ponder about the what ifs, what if you could have done something to change the outcome? But the answer you seek is typically “everything happens for a reason”, but you won’t believe it.

You might point fingers just to place the blame somewhere, just to make you feel even the slightest better. Or you might even end up blaming yourself for the mess that is your life even though you know that isn’t true either.

The tears you shed, cascading down your face like a never-ending waterfall. The sleepless nights, walking around with bags under your eyes. Consuming endless pints of ice cream, embracing gluttony. All of those are part of the steps in the healing process. So let it all out, it will be okay.

You start to think that you are all alone but the funny thing is, That these feelings are common to everyone. Death of a loved one, traumatic events, catastrophic breakups, the situations are limitless. So fear not, you are not alone, you will never be alone.

You are surrounded by people who care about you. Someone will be there to intertwine their fingers with yours and guide you through the darkness.

And then one day, you will see sunlight, your heart will feel lighter than it ever was and you will be happier, as the brightest smiles are worn by those that faced adversity and survived.

You will learn to appreciate all the steps you have taken to get to where you are now. Every tear, every heartbreak, every moment led you to become the beautiful person you are today.

You are stronger than ever before.

You are a survivor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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