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How To Keep College Alive In Your Heart Forever

Just because you’ve graduated from Harvard doesn’t mean that the iron gates close behind you forever! As people wrote in your yearbook, “K.I.T.!” (keep in touch)! Harvard wasn’t just a phase in your life, it’s a guiding force in everything that you do, especially with the following list of ways to L.Y.L.A.S. (love you like a sister)!

1. Buy apparel from the school. Let your Harvard mug inspire all your emails with every sip! What would Harvard do? Buy a sweatshirt and Harvard will keep you cozy on lazy days, or buy a winter hat and Harvard will keep your brain nice and warm in the winter!

2. Make a texting chat group with your college friends. Keep everybody on the same page and keep your inside jokes alive with a group chat! Did somebody publish a journal article? Get promoted? Buy real estate? You could post it on social media, but sometimes people who didn’t go to Harvard will never understand!

3. Reread your college textbooks or related material. Were you a sociology major at Harvard? I bet you kept all your books! Are they at your parents’ house? Pay them a visit. If you went to Harvard, they’ll be thrilled to see you! Don’t have your books? Buy new ones! Now I’m keeping Emile Durkheim alive in my heart no matter what!

4. Email a professor. They might be too busy to email you back, but professors love hearing from former students! Tell them about your new Emile Durkheim book. Maybe you have a professor from Harvard who wrote a whole book about Emile Durkheim. Buy it! Sucking up is forever!

5. Audit a class. See if your school offers the chance to pay tuition money (probably) to take a class for no college credit. This learning opportunity is priceless!

6. Attend an event. Most campuses host events like concerts, speakers, and more. Wear your Harvard dress or Harvard blazer. You don’t want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go!

7. Join an alumni networking group. Whether you’re working or not, an alumni networking group is a great way to stay connected, move up in your career, and help other people do the same. I wasn’t working, and now I want to!

8. Check out the school’s website. Wistfully open a tab to and feel the energy from the campus to your computer. Then, look at the tab and scroll through stock photos of students who do not go there. It is actually a good experience to understand your school’s changes over time and see how their brand makes innovative step-wise brand transformations. They got rid of Greek life? And now the stock photos of students look less like they are from Greece?

9. Take your significant other or a friend to the campus. Everybody likes a trip to Boston any time of year, and your partner or pal will love you for sharing the love of Harvard firsthand, so go on a roadtrip to your old stomping grounds. Soon, they’ll be applying there for grad school!

10. Donate to the school. I’m totally the monopoly guy now! Even a $5 donation to your school will have you feeling warm inside forever. First Harvard took care of you, and now you’re taking care of Harvard!

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