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A Guide To Making Your Wedding Dress Huggable And Danceable

Everybody is so happy for you (and your partner) on your wedding day that it is natural that you are the center of attention. Cameras flashing! Your dress becomes the center of attention too. Your dress is the queen bee! A good queen bee knows, however, that your job is not to be popular, your job is to make everybody else feel popular! A great way to be a queen bee on your wedding day is to hug every attendant, and also to dance with everybody! Unfortunately, a lot of dresses inhibit hugging and dancing, with styles too tight, with necklines too revealing, or with a train too long. Read on for a guide to choosing a wedding dress that makes you queen bee for a day! What if I didn’t know and I already got married? That’s okay, read on for choosing a great huggable, danceable, wedding dress to renew your vows!

1. A high neck. A low neckline means the girls will be popping out when you lean down to hug even a 4’7″ 14-year-old girl! And you wouldn’t be able to do most dance moves, like shimmying your shoulders or a deep dip! Make sure the dress hugs the neck. You want your family and friends to be celebrating with you on your special day, not celebrating that you didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction while hugging people or dancing!

2. A lot of mobility. Many wedding dresses are mermaid-like, which inhibits doing a Rockettes dance. Perhaps opt for a dress that is fuller on the bottom and that has good arm mobility to do the YMCA dance!

3. Long sleeves. The pressure is now off to work out the morning of your wedding day! Long sleeves also give the opportunity for a style concept that makes a wonderful hug, like something pillowy. And dancing the hora means my arms look good at every angle!

4. Fringe. Now I feel like a flapper! Fringe is a great way to make an effervescent atmosphere for the big day. It moves with your slightest movement, and emphasizes your joy. You can see the fringe approaching you for a hug, and on the dancefloor, it can’t be beat! Now I’m dancing the jitterbug!

5. Fabric that moves with you. Something swishy, something swaying, a poof that bounces, will light up every dance move, and will look great in wedding pictures. I feel like a meadow of wildflowers and grasses blowing in the wind!

6. Soft fabric. There’s nothing like a hug from the bride on her wedding day already, but now we’re going 2.0. Silk, velvet, feathers, you name it! This is certainly going to be a memorable hug and a memorable day for everybody involved!

7. Appropriate temperature fabric. It’s hard to dance when we are too cold or too hot! Some brides run so cold that they cannot figure out why more wedding dresses aren’t made out of knit material. These brides would literally still be shivering in a turtleneck sweater dress with a sweater on top in the summer! But other ladies are beading through their face powder in outdoor November wedding pictures. Let’s try satin!

8. Wow factor. Some brides are shy, so they are not used to being the center of attention on the dance floor or hugging 300 people in 3 hours, and therefore a wedding day can be overwhelming. However, everybody’s already looking at you all day, so give them something to look at! Have your dress adorned with flowers, beading, or pearls. With the wow factor on my dress, and other factors taken into consideration, and ready to hug and dance with everybody, now I really know how it feels to be a queen bee!

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