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10 Innovative Nail Polish Ideas For The Perfect Nail Selfie Moment

Is the smell of nail polish an acquired taste? Now I look forward to it! The first time you open a nail polish bottle, yes, it can reek, but as you make your first little unsteady stroke, you light up with the most ecstatic girly feeling of all time and think, “Now I know why other women do this,” and, “Now I feel initiated into women’s world,” and, “I cannot wait to try every color in the world.” Sometimes guys paint their nails too, but I don’t know how it makes them feel because I’m not a guy and also because guys are so mysterious!

Nail polish is a form of temporary art, much like makeup, which you wipe off at the end of the night, and hair dye, which grows out. Don’t we all wish that these temporary art forms lasted forever? With the invention of the camera, we can take pictures of these beloved temporary art forms in a selfie, in a new art form, a picture, that can last forever.

Now, what to do with your nails? Read on for creative ideas for the perfect nail selfie! Flash your fingers next to the theme!

1. A Starry Night. Paint your nails black as night, with a top coat of gold sparkles for stars, and paint one thumb white for a moon. Hold one hand up to the sky and use flash on your camera for your perfect Starry Night selfie! Now I feel like Van Gogh!

2. Coffee And Cream. Coffee brown and creamy white can alternate on your nails. Snap a shot of your hand next to some neat coffee art from your barista! Thanks, Barry!

3. Cloudy Day. Paint most of your nails sky blue, with a few nails cloudy white, interspersed like clouds. Maybe make one thumb yellow for the sun! Lie on your back and reach one hand up towards the sky. Click!

4. Lilacs In Bloom. Lilacs aren’t just lilac colored! Paint some nails green for their foliage, paint some nails brown for their bark, and then paint some nails the color of the lilac flowers. I can almost smell their scent in the photo, ith my hand held up against their bountiful beauty!

5. Pasta Night. Paint some nails wheat colored to represent the pasta and paint some nails red for the marinara sauce. Why are you holding your fingernails next to your Italian dinner? “Shh! I’m taking a picture!”

6. Sushi Lunch. For a sushi nail effect, paint seaweed green on your thumbs and pinkies, white on your forefingers and ring fingers for rice, and for your middle fingers, paint a fish color, perhaps pink for tuna or orange for salmon. Now I don’t know where my chopsticks are going!

7. Baby Gender Reveal Party. All things baby are exciting, and one of those things is not knowing his or her gender yet! For his or her gender reveal party, wear some nails blue, and some nails pink. You could alternate or do one hand blue and one hand pink. Heck, you could do this for months of your pregnancy!

8. Banana Split. Paint one nail on each hand yellow for a banana, white for vanilla ice cream, brown for chocolate ice cream, pink for strawberry ice cream, and red for a cherry. Take the picture quickly, before your ice cream melts!

9. Root Beer Float. I can hear the delicious fizzle in your nail selfie, with alternating brown and white nails pressed against the tall glass filled with root beer and vanilla ice cream! I loved getting my nail polish flowing on this one!

10. Sunset. There are so many colors in a sunset! Maybe a different one for each of your ten fingers! Look for shades of pink, orange, purple, yellow, red, and maybe take out your sky blue or black night nail polish. Now the sun has set on another perfect nail selfie day!