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20 Easy Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life

Hipsters typically have so much love and so little space in their teeny apartments. No matter! Here is a guide to gifting that neutral-faced, nonprofit employed, Coachella-dreaming, L-train to Brooklyn riding, Twitter-posting, shoe-gazing, funky, fab ‘90s fanatic in your friend circle or family!

1. Big headphones.

As with so many other hipster trends, it doesn’t matter what decade it is! Hipsters like being secretive about their music in public so their lives feel like movies. Soon, they’ll be thanking you for your gift during their podcast about music!

2. Scarves.

Real hipsters will sweat it out and wear scarves 365 days a year! Opt for a nearly translucent fabric for summer or linen, satin, or silk, and for fall and spring, cotton, polyester, or jersey. For winter, pashmina or wool.

3. Anything neon.

The ‘90s were ushered in by electric blue, pink, orange, and more, and now the ushers at hipster weddings are wearing neon tuxedos! Give them a neon nail polish, neon leggings, or a neon fanny pack. Highlighter colors are here to stay!

4. Plaid for all four seasons.

Hipsters like wearing plaid and usually know the difference between plaid (pattern) and flannel (fabric). Explore a plaid wide-strapped tank top, a plaid flannel in spring or fall colors, or a plaid winter coat.

5. A fake plant.

Hipsters typically have so little light in their loft apartments! A fake ficus, or pothos, will make their digs feel more like a movie set. They will probably love their fake plant so much that they will name it!

6. A tchotchke.

Tchotchke is a Yiddish word used by Jewish folks to describe a figurine, a little statue, a “Fusilli Jerry,” any small bric-a-brac, usually one that feels like a stuffed animal when you look at it. Think The Little Mermaid, in Ariel’s treasure trove. Maybe get them a little animal tchotchke to pose in their fake plants!

7. Shower radio.

Your hipster nephew or niece will be the legend of their dorm for toting a shower radio in their shower caddy to play alternative rock, classic rock, or perhaps something surprising, during their shower hour!

8. Essential oils.

Essential oils are great for hipster self-care and fun to make into perfumes. Probably a true hipster would consider every scent to be unisex!

9. Fake glasses.

As soon as there were hipsters, there were chunky plastic glasses, and if your hipster pal is a 20/20 type, they would still love a pair of fashionable, retro, or scene styling frames! Check out Warby Parker or Amazon for inspiration.

10. Unconventional shoelaces.

Hipsters walk a lot and are hard on their lace-up boots! Look into satin, lightup, floral, velvet, or curly shoelaces, or anything else you can find! Hipsters are very patient people, so they won’t mind changing it up, even on a daily basis. Just make sure to get two pairs of each so they can be tied together and be long enough to fit high tops!

11. Scrunchies.

Scrunchies have been a part of many scenes, and yet there’s nothing like a rainbow pack of scrunchies for a hipster to feel rich in something. A liberated hipster guy might even wear one in his man bun.

12. Wack blazer.

Hipsters are often seasoned professionals now, and being surprisingly ambitious, they might like to wear a funky blazer on their day off, to a show, to a club, or to a museum. Some hipsters like dressing deliberately like a shlub, but we all have a first date sometime.

13. Statement necklace.

Michelle Obama popularized this trend, and anything Obama is one of the best hipster feelings! Search for one that could be suitable for a ‘90s mom, like one with large jade, turquoise, or amber pieces, or one made out of light materials, like wood or oversized plastic pearls.

14. Fake nose ring.

A lot of hipsters would have a real nose ring now if it hadn’t been for the recession, which made extraneous piercings both out of budget and seemingly unemployable. A fake nose ring is a fun look for a night out and a nice prank for their roommates to come home to!

15. Magazine subscription.

Hipsters love reading, or at least flipping through a magazine to a picture and leaving it open on the counter, so shop for a magazine subscription that is either unironic, like The New Yorker, or ironic, like Martha Stewart!

16. A lamp.

Hipsters love lamps, and many of them are too poor to even know this! A bulk pack of lightbulbs to them would be worth the cost, and soon their abodes will feel as well lit as a Wes Anderson flick. Although lampshades can run pretty pricey!

17. Polaroid camera.

Perfect for either uploading to social media or for those who do not participate, a polaroid camera is a great way to not only capture moments, but to reassert non-perfectionism in an artistic way. Maybe they’ll send you a photo in their thank you card!

18. Dehydrated snacks.

Hipsters and a love of food go together, so much so that they should never be without! Traditional dried snacks like dried apricots and beef jerky are much appreciated, as are less traditional dried snacks, like dried coconut and fish jerky.

19. Instant beverages.

A lot of hipsters live at home and share a kitchen and refrigerator, making traditional coffee brewing and fruit smoothie blending cumbersome in a shared space. They will be so grateful for a nice instant coffee, Ovaltine, soy milk powder, powdered goat milk, or lemonade mix!

20. Backpack.

Hipsters love a good road trip so much that even errands can feel like one! Outfit your hipster associate in a casual, work, fun, or even formal backpack. Soon they’ll be backpacking over to meet you to thank you in person!

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