Cool Trends We Could Have In 2021 Since 2020 Is Pretty Much A Wash

The depressing memesters called for crying in 2019, and worse in 2020, and it’s not like there’s even anything in the news to make them depressed at all! Surely there are positive things to look forward to that could come into existence at any time. For this list, I’m looking forward to 2021 though, because all the negativity sometimes associated with a year (like unlucky 13 in 2013) just will stick around sometimes no matter what. Do we all hate Barbara Walters? I love Barbara Walters. “This is 20/20.” But when the ball drops this winter, I’m going to be looking for all these trends I predicted from reading my tea leaves!

1. Tea. After you drink your morning coffee, there are 50,000 teas on the planet made of plants besides the coffee bean to keep your day fresh. You might be able to drink it at school or work! Teas work medicinally, and for wellness, so you don’t have to be sick to have positive health benefits from drinking tea. Teas can have a calming effect, or energizing effect, help sleep or mood, and so much more. Soon you just won’t know where to store them!

2. Hats all the time. Everyone has a cool religious friend who covers their head all the time. They’re cool for all kinds of reasons, but maybe one of those reasons is just from wearing a hat! Hats are calming and balancing, and maybe they’ll come back into style and even be worn in offices some day. Now I’m Carmen Sandiego! Now I’m a mime! Or am I just even more dressed up formally for the office? What about a newspaper boy hat for a lad? There are infinite styles, and many more might be invented in 2021.

3. Fake glasses. Have you ever tried on a pair of clear lensed glasses at a glasses store and they were more comfortable than your prescription glasses? Try wearing contacts and fake glasses with no prescription and see how well your eyes can focus. Soon you’ll want to make a wager with your eye doctor on your eye exam!

4. Less shaving. So that’s why hippies look so strong (it’s not from hiking)!

5. Universal Basic Income. It feels like we’re getting closer to evening out the economy, and people agreeing with basic financial rights for all people. The country used to think that you can achieve whatever you deserve from life based on how hard you work, but we’re seeing people work extremely hard who can’t get ahead because wages are too low and the cost of education is too high. Free money for all the boys and girls!

6. Healthcare for all. Why do some people go to the hospital for free, and other people lose the house? Maybe because we don’t advocate for healthcare because we don’t understand it. It just means you get to see a doctor or get prescriptions for free. And people want it for everyone, like they have in other countries. Then, I’m going to break my leg on purpose!

7. Coronavirus loungewear gone mainstream. That slightly nicer than sweatpant look just deserves to be timeless and mainstream, even after coronavirus is gone. Am I casual? Or casualtastic? Wear it to the beauty parlor or book store and beyond in 2021!

8. Gig economy. Something we’ve learned from coronavirus so far is that kids need tutors, bad. And maybe other jobs are needed less so sometimes, super unfortunately. A lot of people can learn an entire college preparatory course in 9 hours if their job has required them to do a lot of thinking, learning, and even self-learning. And this is just one gig hypothesis! It’s all about supply and demand. If you build it, they will come!

9. Magazines. If you were around and about in the 1990s, you remember the thrill of opening a magazine. It was like 10,000 social media posts at once! Magazines are still this good, but maybe it’s time to try to find one that you really like now. A lot of libraries have them out to borrow within the building.

10. Transparency. There is a lot of talk about fake news, but then they don’t even tell us which stories were fake. What do they mean, fake news? I’ll be looking forward to stories in 2021 that actually feel as true as this article feels in 2020!

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